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High Stress Foods To Avoid

People ask us, what should we avoid when constructing a healthier food regimen? It is amazing to us how many people THINK they are healthy, THINK they eat pure foods. When faced with what we suggested, the change in their lifestyle now seemed to loom large. After all, they have a family to feed! Why do people on a healthy journey only think they have to cook and buy for themselves? This is an act of love to help convert the whole family. By creating wonderful meals, coupled with education children and spouses will come to realize why a plan of change is introduced.

Everyone is stressed. Children will not use those words but their symptoms, their sleep patterns, their fatigue, their frequent colds and sore throats, their bowel habits, their irritability will speak volumes. By eliminating something you have CONTROL over is the first step toward a compassionate health movement. Giving in to the crappy foods, giving in to fatigue that controls not wanting to cook, giving in to giving in when a child whines or a spouse demands requires patience and teaching skills. We have seen it work successfully and we know if not 100% of the time, then most of the time, families are more bonded, friendly, happier with each other and health improves. We have seen children and teenagers actually make better choices. And without choice there is resistance!

The High Stress Foods to Avoid requires more attention than you give your television set.

1. Foodless snacks. These are the highly processed sugary, white bread, cookies, crackers, TV dinners, pancakes, waffles, cakes, ice cream, donuts, candy, chips.
You already know about this. All the salty stuff at the end of the night interferes with the adrenal glands. The Sugary stuff turns into alcohol, dehydrates cells and leeches calcium from the bones, muscles, nerves and teeth leading to mineral deficiencies. We count on minerals to sustain us! Foodless snacks in a word, dead food.

2, Foods with Chemicals. Do you check for all the wording in ingredients you cannot pronounce? Dyes, artificial flavors are a coverup for highly toxic chemicals. Have you noticed recently that the Easter egg dyes are still being used even while you can use products that have coloring like beets or carrots? Don't be fooled by the pretty colors.

3. Fruits that have been sprayed. Top of the list are strawberries. There are community farms that grow organic strawberries. Choose organic when shopping in the stores. Any berry that has been fumigated, dryed, waxed or sprayed is full of pesticides and herbicides and fungicides. Same for vegetables. After strawberries, is spinach, then corn.

4, Fruits or Vegetables in Cans. Most are overly sweetened and over cooked leeching the minerals and vitamins. Make organic fresh your first choice and eventually your only choice.

5. Commercial Eggs. If you go back to older posts, check our article on organic eggs. I am sure it will change your perspective. Always go organic, and best pasture raised.

6. Hydrogenated Shortening. This applies also to Crisco, heat treated oils esp corn, safflower, sunflower and margarine. Soy margarine and vegetable shortening may contain heavy metal nickel and cadmium as catalysts. Know the lingo when reading ingredients. Anything soy is sprayed heavily and very disruptive to the cell membrane. Go with Extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil. If you need shortening in a pie crust, try Spectrum.

7. Deep Fried Foods. All the essential fatty acids are broken down into toxic by-products at these high temperatures. And what oil do they use? It is as cardiologists have said, a heart attack waiting to happen. 

8. Commercial milk and milk products. Much of this has been written about in our older posts. Please re-visit. These products contain artificial coloring, flavoring, emulsifiers, and sweeteners. Non-dairy creamers also have this largely. Processed cow's milk that is pasteurized, homogenized, dried or canned has a source of toxic growth hormones and homogenized fats. Commercial butter contains the toxic steroids, antibiotics and pesticides.
The answer? Go with unsalted organic butter but use wisely. Eliminate all milk products and stick with almond milk and coconut milk. We make our own almond milk. Very easy. Most of the milk needed for cooking or baking is from coconut creamers. Excellent. We made buttermilk from a coconut creamer mixed with lemon juice. The Irish GF soda bread turned out amazing.

9. Soft Drinks. Our children patients only drink water or fruit in water. Soda pop is terribly damaging with or without sugar. Avoid the stimulating energy drinks that exhaust the adrenals and pancreas because the primary ingredient is sugar and caffeine and the side effects are nervousness, tremors, anxiety, irritability, headaches and increased blood pressure and heart rate, increased stomach acid and insomnia. The caffeine content is NOT regulated by the FDA. We know cardiologists that have had an influx of young people having palpitations!

10. Coffee. We all love a good cup of coffee but then there are people who cannot get through the day without it. That kind of need is concerning. Coffee contributes to indigestion, adrenal exhaustion and acid imbalance resulting in buildup of toxic waste, cardiovascular and auto immune disorders and arthritis. Uric acid in the breakdown of caffeine can cause kidney stones, gout and aggravate prostate conditions. Remember even de-caf has tars. Tars in the roasting process end up as liver deposits and the body is unable to neutralize them. Coffee and tea destroy B vitamins and inhibit calcium and iron absorption.  Best choice is organic coffee and organic dried coffee and limit the frequency. Above and beyond that, Matcha Tea is a great choice for razor sharp focus and energy.

11. Synthetic Sweeteners. Nutrasweet ( Aspartame) is a wolf in sheep's clothing. It is made of 40% aspartic acid and glutamic acid= 99% MSG. 50% is phenylalanine which cause levels of serotonin in the brain to decrease. 10% is Methanol which is basically wood alcohol, which in the body becomes formaldehyde. Aspartame has found to be neurotoxic, exciting the neurons in the brain to the point of cellular death ( allowing too much calcium into the cells) creating memory loss and decreased brain function. Aspartame is everywhere. Read read read ingredients. There has been a shift of sugar to this. Especially in breath mints and chewing gum.

12. Commercial Peanut Butter. Gone is Skippy and Jif from our lives. Peanuts are a legume, not a nut and carry the carcinogenic mold called aflatoxin. This mold also grows on grains, corn and other nuts and soybeans. They are heavily sprayed and now trying to spray the organic versions. One Dr suggested Arrowhead mills organic peanut butter because it is grown in New Mexico which is arid and virtually free of the mold. This is a major problem and to try to find out where the organic nuts are grown!

13. Sulphured, Dried Fruit. Sulphur dioxide shows up in fruit juices, wine, beer and some sauces, pickles. This can cause tight chests in persons with asthma or scratchy feeling in the back of the throat and rashes.

14. Refined heated table salt. We still see people and restaurants using Mortons iodized salt or some kind of cheap brand. No wonder we have issues with the cardiovascular!  Eighty important elements are eliminated when the salt is heated.Table salt contains sodium solo-co-aluminate, iodide, sodium bicarbonate, fluoride, anti-caking agents, toxic amounts of potassium iodide and aluminium derivatives. It is a toxic nightmare. Always go with sea salt and Himalayan salt that is harvested and air and wind dried. Thus the trace elements are retained for immune, adrenal and thyroid function. Celtic salt is another great choice.

15. Salted, Roasted Nuts. This changes the mineral chemistry of the body. Choose RAW nuts. Walnuts has high Vit E and omega 3-6. Macadamia nuts are high in monosaturated fat, high in thiamine ( B1), phosphorus, selenium, calcium and potassium. Almonds are the only alkaline nut, stabilizes blood sugar. Cashews have high levels of magnesium and are filling! Hazelnuts contain good protein. Pistachios contain calcium, magnesium, Vit A fiber and iron. Pecans have high Vit E and helps decrease cholesterol levels. Pine nuts contain high Vit B1 and can suppress appetite. However go easy on pine nuts.

16.Tap Water. Gone are the days when we could drink out of our tap or hose or water fountains. Tap contains aluminum because it allows the dirt to settle out of the water, copper because they use that to kill algae, toxic chlorides they use to disinfect, flourides- which is a neurotoxin. This is what they add to the municipal water supplies. Cadmium is in the pipes. Avoid the constant plastic bottle water that leeches into the water. Carbon and carbon block filters do not remove most toxic metals. Only distillation and reverse osmosis does. Choose a system of purified water! Also add to the list, a chloride filter for your shower.

17. Microwaved Foods. We stopped this in 2002 when our microwave leaked. We researched and you can read one of our older posts on microwaves. Very informative.
Water molecules have a positive and negative charge, one at each end. Microwaving reverses the polarity and at high speeds back and forth up to 100 billion times a second, a friction creates a heat that cooks food. However, the water molecules become torn apart and structurally deformed, thus causing cells to lose their electrical charge, lose nutrients and create harmful compounds. Chemists call this action isomerism. Nursing mothers must never microwave milk as 98% of the immunoglobulin A antibodies and 96% of the liposome activity in the milk ( which inhibits bacterial infections) is lost!

18.Using Aluminum Cookware. "All Vegetables cooked in Aluminum produce hydroxide poison which neutralizes digestive juices, producing stomach and gastrointestinal trouble, such as stomach ulcers and colitis."
 The sale of aluminum cookware is prohibited in Germany, France, Belgium, Gr. Britain Switzerland, Hungary and Brazil. What does that tell you right there?
Choose stainless steel, ceramic covered cast iron or our favorite, SCAN non stick used in Denmark.

19. Synthetic Vitamins. Synthetic vitamins have been marketed as the biggest deception. Ascorbic Acid which is only part of Vitamin C, is one of the fake chemical ingredients. It has been written that, Synthetic, fractionated, crystalline pure vitamins are not whole natural compounds; they are not food which human systems can utilize as nutrients, which will not disrupt normal biochemistry. There are few companies that maintain pure raw food supplements and have some added pure vitamins from food.

What you may have not known!
Farmed Fish has excessive amounts of cadmium, mercury and other toxic metals. If living on West coast of US, only buy Wild caught fish from the North Atlantic because Pacific Ocean fish is compromised since Fukushima.

Cigarette and marijuana smoke are high in cadmium ( cigarette paper) and crops sprayed with pesticides on tobacco and herbs.

Avoid diets that are extreme because there will be deficiency in essential nutrients. Remember high protein especially with meat will burden the kidney.

Over the counter and prescription drugs contain toxic metals, as example Cipro and Prozac are high in flouride. Vaccines and flu shots contain metals as well among other critical toxic material.
Antiperspirants contain high toxic metals. Go with deodorants. Check for cosmetics, soaps, lotions that contain aluminum. Dental bridges contain nickel. Check your hair dyes for lead. Selsun Blue Shampoo for example has high levels of selenium.
Check your garden products as well.

Vegetarian diets: our soils are deficient in zinc, but zinc is also found in animal protein. Our bodies are not meant to exist on pure raw food diets. We need some cooked, some raw. Skipping meals, eating on the run or substituting energy bars for a meal is a bad idea.

Yeast and fungus infections are fed by carbs, sugars of any kind, and fermented foods like cheese, wine, beer, soda, mushrooms, peanuts, mustard, ketchup. Even Mayo clinic records that chronic sinusitis and many colds and flu's are caused by fungus.

High stressful lifestyles must be managed or it will translate to ill health. You know people, if not yourself that runs the clock, even on days off, has little sleep because work must come first and health last. Then high stress foods are ingested which affects every molecule of your being.

We are not meant to race through life for anything; not money or family driving us, or competitive business. We are meant to pace ourselves, our challenge to understand the balance and the joy of life. If not, it will give us consequences we have no control over.

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