Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Facing a New Year of Uncertainty

When we were young and invincible did we even ever cogitate a life past the 2000 mark? And now it is 2017 and for us then, we would have imagined a science fiction world complete with flying cars and stately concept buildings and robotic fixtures. But not yet. We should have, but not yet because of secret bureaucracy and government suppression especially that which is against innovative free energy. We feel the pinch and squeeze in our limbs and heart. Life is still hard and we still struggle against unbeatable odds. Right? We exercise, eat as healthy as we can when we are able to afford the organic foods, when we can convince our family members how important THAT is for prolonged life and sustained life. But then we hit the daily walls of inflation, unemployment or the need to work those extra hours to pay that irritating new bill, family drama that sucks us dry, inconsistent weather patterns that crash our health, promises we intended to, but cannot keep, and the bottomless pit of workaholicism stripping us from a most needed life.

We look at 2017 now with an oh well, another year. We laugh at the resolutions that last 2 weeks. We make plans for something dreamy, then have trouble holding it in our imagination.

Maybe this is the blog post that has a new perspective. Maybe it can shed some light.

We are all in the same boat traveling down the same muddy river. And misery does love company because that is what makes us laugh and marvel and introspect. We are not here to change the world, really. The world is a big ticket item. We are here to serve others in whatever small way we can. It is the spiritual exhale that when inhaled again brings renewal to our life force.

I believe we must live in the moment, not in the wishing and hoping ( future) or the desperation and worry and self pity ( past). Great minds have told us that the only place change is created is in the present. In present time consciousness.

We have seen a mob mentality of hate through this last Election and that emotion lives on eating away the souls that live it. If I put God before me, how can hate have a place? Perhaps WE as a mass consciousness surfaced all these emotions because once surfaced, it does have a way to release the past, but release and let go and open the door to new possibilities, probabilities! Doesn't life have a way to still nudge us toward love?

Happier, Healthier New Year Dear Ones!