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Review of the book Medical Medium by Anthony William


 Anthony William Medical Medium

I had walked into the Barnes and Noble bookstore one day and migrated ( as if pulled) in the direction of a table that had new books to peruse. There it was. I knew I had to have it, without any prior knowledge or review, I believe Spirit directed me to pick it up. Then I brought it home and devoured its contents. My uptake? I have come to believe in my long life, that there are special gifted souls who come here to help us remember the truth of who we are, in a way that this present reality of what we are inundated with cannot touch.

Anthony William at the age of 4 heard a kind and nurturing voice that has stayed with him all his life directing him to learn and know the human body and the energy fields that nourish the human biologic. His ability to see and scan the cellular levels of the body is uncanny. He claims that when he is directed to visualize a medical problem, all becomes white in his vision and what is highlighted is the inside of the body only. After such a visual, he needs to rest his eyes and cannot "see" for some hours, as if blinded. His accuracy in diagnosis has brought many medical experts to evaluate his ability and follow how his trend has markedly changed many people in need.

In each chapter of his book, he targets specific maladies, conditions and diseases of mystery. You know the routine: The Doctor gives a diagnosis and says to you, " You have such and such but we do not know why, nor is there a cure yet.

Anthony will say that it will be decades before science discovers certain causes or cures. So, Anthony lives in our far future, observing the scenario's within our structure, giving us a clue as to how we can prevent, remedy or understand the underlying causes. He is careful to give direction toward food choices to focus on, herbs and supplements that will support and help diffuse a raging illness without putting himself in the way of medical business. However, those of us who seek a truth of that, those of us who are clearly observing the manner of illness on the rise despite medications and "research" and all the fundraising in the billions of dollars toward terminal illnesses that are not changing the picture of health. Those of us who see the decline of health readily in our family lives, our community our nation and world, that we are at the crossroads and need to seek an alternative approach, an approach that aligns with nature will embrace this book as extraordinary. 

Let's take the idea of immune suppressed illness. Top of the list!
Can you bring yourself to eat these foods regularly? Wild blueberries, sesame tahini, spinach, avocadoes, black beans, black grapes, asparagus, apples, cucumbers, coconuts, papayas, pears, artichokes, bananas, sweet potatoes, asparagus, lettuce, green beans? ***
Can you bring yourself to grab a piece of fruit instead of a cookie, cake or donut?

One of the main changes we have made? For years we ate gluten free wheat free, focusing mostly on vegetables, very little chicken, no red meat, very little fish, protein mostly from the vegies and legumes and nuts and seeds. Yes, the carbs sneak in and that has not served except to satisfy the moment. When you reach the autumn of your life, you think you have to Re-Think your choices. But don't wait that long, our final wisdom.

The change was adding more fresh fruit. Everyday. The change was also adding vegetable juices every day. If I cannot juice, I run to the Whole Foods produce because there they juice amazing vegetable combinations. Anthony William advises straight celery juice*** ( yes it is bitter but who cares?) to reduce blood pressure, detox, change the whole composition of viral attack.

His knowledge points to virus. Sure we have bacteria floating around and we already know bacteria can reside in virus and vice versa. However, the culprit for most diseases is virus. And guess what? Modern medicine has no defense for that. But raw food supplements and homeopathic does. In our practice we treat for need, not prevention, yet prevention is the end product of the remedy. It is about the clean out of the toxic cell membrane and changing the ability of the disruption there to allow toxic elements to leave and good nutrients to enter. Hormone disruption, which is a blockade, exists right there at that membrane. 

Going back to FRUIT. We were all told of the sugar that compels disease to begin and sustain with fruit. We were ill advised just as we were ill advised about a hundred other things, the "four food charts", the cholesterol myth, the eggs that would kill off our hearts etc.

He writes that fruit sugar leaves the stomach in 3-6 minutes and never touches the intestinal tract. That fruit does not feed candida. That the fiber in the pulp and skin and seeds actually KILL all varieties of parasites, worms and Ecoli and strep. That fruit is a secret weapon against cancer. What IS bad for candida/fungus is processed sugar, beet sugar, agave, soft drinks and corn fructose.*** And Fat and protein also feed candida. Anti-fungal medications wipe out all the good bacteria in the gut that are fighting for you. 

Another observation of Anthony we noted: "Candida does not perforate the colon resulting in leaky gut. Instead the worse case scenario is that it creates calluses on irritated portions of the intestinal lining that hinders food absorption. That is just the gut. Candida is more infectious because it can disguise as a cover of strep in the vagina." ***Ah, more interesting now.

I recommend the book for awareness. It has the opportunity to open and widen eyes once narrow and suspicious and closed off thinking the old way is the tried and true way. It is not. We are in the future of deciding what is best for our bodies if we are to live long enough to be in service to our life plan.

**excerpt info from Medical Medium by Anthony William

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