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The Emergence of Disease

1910 : Margarine, a chemical synthesization of vegetable oil is introduced as a substitute for butter; by 1950 the average American consumed 8 lbs. of margarine a year. This was the beginning of highly saturated trans fats and high cholesterol levels, entering the U.S. diet.
In 1911, Crisco was introduced bringing heart attacks and coronary artery disease, virtually unknown to physicians at that time.

1921: General Mills Corp invented a character called Betty Crocker to convince generations of Americans to use processed foods. Prior to this date only 20 cases of endometriosis in women were recorded. By the late 1990's 20 % of women of childbearing age in the U.S. were afflicted with endometriosis.

1929: An additive called thimerosal ( a form of Mercury) caused death in lab subjects. Despite this finding, the additive was used in most vaccines for the rest of the 20th century.
A child named Virginia was the first child born with autism in 1931, the first year thimerosal was used in vaccines. In 1991, six month old babies received 87 times higher amts of thimerosal than what was considered safe.

1935: Only one case of cancer reported in the Inuit of Alaska and Canada in the previous 50 yrs. After adopting a processed food diet between 1935 and 1970, the cancer rate there exploded and rivaled other U.S and Canadian consumers.

1938: Big Pharma company Roche led the world in industrial synthesis of Vitamins. A law was passed from the FDA that enforced, not the safety of the product, but the accuracy of information on the product labels.

1947: Sex hormones are introduced into livestock for more weight and fat. One of these hormones is DES, later learned to cause cancer. Despite FDA banning DES, it was continued to be illegally administered to animals.

1948: MSG was added to processed foods, including baby food. By the end of the century, MSG was found to be triggering toxic reactions in the human body. In 1968 a scientist in Washington University in St. Louis found that MSG in mice caused brain damage, esp. in immature and newborn animals.

1950: Before this date, cattle grazed in open spaces and grass fed. Twenty years later, cattle are placed in crowded feedlots and injected with antibiotics and hormones, fed a diet of processed sewage, poultry litter, shredded newspaper, sawdust laced with ammonia, tallow and grease.

1953: George Waldbott, V.P. of American College of Allergists warned about flouride in water causing painful and acute allergies. When Dr. Waldbott’s patients stopped drinking flouridated water, so did their headaches, muscle weaknesses and stomach upsets.

1956: Perfluorochemicals used in Teflon introduced. In 2004, blood tests revealed that 96% of U.S. children had one of the nonbiodegradable chemicals in their bloodstream.

1961: Ritalin introduced for use by children with behavioral problems. In 1975, 150,000 children were on Ritalin. By 2005, one million American children are on the drug representing 85% of the world use.
1963: The drug thalidomide is given to pregnant women for morning sickness. More than one thousand babies were born with severe deformities. The drug was not removed from the marketplace until six yrs later.

From 1970 to 2001 a jump from 6 billion to 110 billion spent on fast food chains occurred.

1971: War on Cancer announced by U.S. Congress with the National Cancer Act in place. 30 yrs later, the overall death rate remained the same.

1971: Japanese food scientists synthesize a cheaper sweetener: high fructose corn syrup to introduce into frozen foods to prevent freezer burn. Once consumed, it was learned in later years, it arrives almost intact in the human liver, not breaking down.

From 1973-1991, there was a 126% rise in prostate cancer, 17 % childhood leukemia, 26% rise in childhood brain cancer, 25% in breast cancer, 41% in testicular cancer.

1973: FDA finally bans the artificial coloring agent Violet No.1 , a revealed carcinogen, used to stamp every piece of meat in the U.S.

1974: artificial sweetener, Aspartame approved. A year later, G.D. Searle and Company was found to have falsified some of the data, hiding info regarding animals fed aspartame had developed seizures and brain tumors. No recall or ban was enforced. In 1983 a neuroscientist wrote that aspartame increases body weight bc it stimulates a craving for calorie laden carbohydrates. In 1994, 88 toxic symptoms in humans occurred from 1200 food products with Aspartame.

1977-1994: learning disabilities increased 191 % in special ed children.

1980-2000: prescription drug sales tripled to $200 billion /yr in the U.S., a figure that represents half of all prescription drug sales in the entire world.

1995: A study by USC found that there was a higher incidence of leukemia in children who ate more than 12 hot dogs each month. Nitrosamines are used in processing the meat.

1998: 75,500 synthetic chemicals have been registered as appearing in consumer products, agriculture and industry. The American Journal of Epidemiology published that serious side effects from chlorinated tap water with an increase of miscarriages.

1999: Erythromycin, after 40 yrs of usage was linked to serious abdominal obstructions.

2000: National Academy of Sciences reports that half of all pregnancies in the U.S. result in less-than-healthy babies. One third of developmental defects are caused by exposure to toxic chemicals.

1983: Coke and Pepsi switched from a 50-50 mix of sugar and corn syrup to a 100% high fructose corn syrup sweetener.

1989: A lab in Boston found that giving flouride to rats in moderate amts in water, gave birth to hyperactive babies, retardation and cognitive defects. Higher levels are given to humans than what are administered to rats. In 1992, the University of Utah published that fluoridation weakens bones and increases the risk of hip fractures.

1992: FDA announced that 65% of women’s cosmetics contain carcinogen contaminants.

1998: FDA discovered that 55% of all grocery foods sampled contained pesticides.

1994: FDA approves the marketing of genetically modified foods. By 2002, 26% of corn, 68% soybeans, 69% of cotton in the U.S. will be genetically modified. And 60% of processed foods will contain these GMO’s.

2001: The Center for Disease Control and Prevention announces that the food we eat is responsible for twice the numbers of illnesses in the U.S. in comparison to just seven years earlier.

2001: JAMA publishes a report that 6.7 million adult visits to the doctor for a sore throat between 1989 and 1999 and antibiotics were prescribed in 73% of the visits even though antibiotics do not treat viral infections.

2002: Big Pharma now employs 675 lobbyists incl. 26 former members of congress and spends $91 million a year on influencing decisions made by Congress.

2002: For the first time since 1958 U.S. infant mortality rate increases twice that of Japan and other industrial nations.

2002: One in four Americans visits a fast food restaurant.

2003: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that 1/3rd of all babies born in the U.S. since 2000 will become diabetics.

2004: JAMA publishes a study that reveals that in the previous decade the number of adults with High BP increased by 30%.

2005: Breast milk sampled from women in 18 states is found to contain traces of perchlorate, a toxic component of rocket fuel. Texas Tech Univ researched that the source is likely to be food that was tainted from irrigation water that had collected the toxin in seepage from defense industry plants around the U.S.
2005: Yale School of Medicine researchers reported that food storage containers made of plastic
can lead to learning disabilities in children and neurodegenerative diseases in adults.

Present: U.S. ranks 46th in life expectancy and 42nd in infant mortality among nations of the world.
The U.S. spends more than twice as much on health care than any other industrialized nation in the world.

excerpt from one hundred lies

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Be the Captain of your Ship

I had to use that term many times in my career. Are you a step ahead of the game of health or are you like a herd of sheep following whatever is a trend?

As a devoted family, we were at the bedside of our Mother who had a 911 Paramedic call on this Christmas Eve, thus spending our Eve for 5.5 hours in ER and another couple in ICU at her side. She was alert, awake and making sure all of us knew she would never consent to intubation. That medical directive was already written but she was no where near that deciding factor. Her issue was with blood values off the chart that created symptoms and a severe acidotic state. Over five days that was rectified somewhat but what happens when all the specialists come to her side and want to do all the procedures that are unnecessary? That is when our Mother became Captain of her own Ship. She is almost 89 yrs old but clear enough to say, how stupid to put me through a colonoscopy while I am in crisis! Because of that big NO, the hospital decided she did not want intervention so the main agenda was to "get her discharged as soon as possible". I watched in awe some things I would never do as a nurse which was my career decades ago. Nurses have forgotten themselves. What happened to bed baths? Those are no longer done. If a quick clean up for various parts are done, it is with chemical wipes by an aide. RNs or LVNs no longer do those menial tasks. I was for most of my career a critical care nurse and headed an ICU CCU unit in a teaching hospital - many teaching hospitals. To see an ICU nurse not attend to the graveness of poor urine output and wait until I became Captain of my Mothers Ship to get an order to ameliorate the issue was unacceptable. The list became quite long and even though it was a holiday weekend, nurses had no time. No time to call a Dr. No time to speak with family or patient. No time to catch up to their own overwhelming schedule of patients. The rudeness and dismissal of our questions of our Mother was intolerable. We have three RNs and 4 Chiropractors in our family! Our questions were definitive and concerning.

This is only a personal example of why we need to be in charge of our own health or our ailing elderly family members health.

To take this further, there are countless people who do not know the names of their medications they take nor what actions or side effects they have. They do not question. This is beyond our understanding.

I will use an example of Statins. Statins are ordered by a primary Doctor or Cardiologist to regulate cholesterol levels. Did you know that the medical organizations are bribed by the pharmaceutical companies to lower the blood cholesterol values so they can push for more and more statins for profit? Do you even know the side effects of Statins?  Here is what Natural News reports:

 The study, published in the American Journal of Physiology - Cell Physiology is entitled "The Impact of Statins on Biological Characteristics of Stem Cells Provides a Novel Explanation for Their Pleotropic Beneficial and Adverse Clinical Effects."

The study abstract states that statin drug "side effects include memory loss, myopathy, cataract formation, and increased risk of diabetes." It also warns that "Statins also impaired the expression of DNA repair genes including XRCC4, XRCC6, and Apex1."

I don't know about you, but for me this is a red alert. I once showed my primary physician a study done on certain drugs prescribed that actually raise the cholesterol level! He did not know and thanked me for the information. 
Cholesterol is vital for body and brain function. Did you know that LOW blood cholesterol has been recorded in criminals who have committed murder and violent crimes, people with violent and aggressive personalities, people prone to suicide and sociopathic behavior?
Low blood cholesterol has been routinely recorded in criminals who have committed murder and other violent crimes, people with aggressive and violent personalities, people prone to suicide and people with aggressive social behavior and low self-control. - See more at:
Low blood cholesterol has been routinely recorded in criminals who have committed murder and other violent crimes, people with aggressive and violent personalities, people prone to suicide and people with aggressive social behavior and low self-control. - See more at:
A wonderful article by Dr. Weston Price on this:
Before anyone gives you a medication, a supplement, an herb, be the Captain of your Own Ship and ask questions, research yourself before you comply. 

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