Tuesday, September 8, 2015

But I love my White Flour Bread and Pastries!

Credit: ZLiving.comI admit this publicly that I have been guilty of enjoying the scrumptious delicious pastries and donuts and breads from restaurants and bistros along the path of my life. We all have. We have fed them to our children, our families in gatherings. And then, we got older and we knew, we really really knew the pain of our insults.

This is why in our practice we advocate gluten free foods and flours. We cannot be vegan pure like some, or into all raw foods every meal which is contrary to good nutrition. We are not cave men and women either, filling up our palate with grass fed beef and high proteins that plummet the kidney. We need balance in our attempt to strengthen our immune with good food.

I was enamored with a website called www.healthnutnews.com  The Naturopathic Doctor is hell bent on exposing practices both in the U.S. and Europe. Many of the events carried on behind our television and newspaper worlds here in America are exposed in European countries news. Take a look at her website.

She brought up salient points about White Flour which I am sharing below.

White bleached refined flour has zero nutrients. Cardboard basically. Back in the day with our great grandparents, they milled their own flour off the wheat grown on their land without pesticides. Their breads and pastries were pure.

Now, we know for sure that industry has removed the wheat bran, six outer layers and the germ ( which accounts for 76% of vitamins and minerals) and 97% of dietary fiber removed also. You have to wonder why constipation and cancer is so prevalent in our society.

By bleaching the flour, chlorine dioxide is used, then chalk, then aluminum, then ammonium chloride ( for texture and appeal) Buying unbleached flour will not gain you any points. All the Vitamin E is removed, 50% of the calcium, 70% of phosphorus, iron, magnesium and Vitamin B. Now, this is what we feed our babies and children who wind up mineral deficient and with suppressed immune!

I'm just getting started.

Potassium Bromate is added to the white flour. That damages cells. It is a category 2B carcinogen that is classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer ( IARC). Since 1994 this chemical was banned in most countries, BUT NOT THE USA.

Did you know that White Flour kills bugs? And we are consuming it?

Another additive, a non-essential amino acid called L-Cysteine is in White Flour. You have all read this word at some time or other in product ingredients. It is added to speed up industrial processing. But it is also a major link to the allergy epidemic. You see it in all baked goods, pizza dough etc. But here comes the gross part.

It is found in duck feathers and
human hair, cow horns and petroleum
byproducts and it is mostly
sent from China.

White flour destroys the beta cells of the pancreas. This was listed as a potent beta cell toxin in the Textbook of National Medicine. Is that enough to put the puzzle pieces together when coming to conclusions about the diabetic rise in children and adults in our country?

Asian and European countries did not have the obese problem until McDonalds and other fast food establishments were planted there.

I remember while living in two foreign countries, you could not find such a fast food place. The children were not overweight and frought with diabetes back in the seventies in Europe. Children in Europe may have drank wine and beer with their families in restaurants but ate a well balanced meal. Now look at the Asian population far and wide, countries of centuries of eating rice and vegetables with some meat every meal. With fast food joints, they dismiss their traditional eating and pay the price health wise. The health picture is shocking.

Pay attention people. If you must bake, use your creativity and knowledge. The gluten free recipe websites are in the millions online. Pinterest will give you step by step formulas with pictures. You can mix up flours like brown rice, white rice, almond, coconut, sorghum. Teff is not advocated by the way.

You can learn to bake gluten free donuts. You can make bread, thousands learn to do that. You can make glorious cakes, brownies and cookies with gluten free flour. I have done that successfully for over 10 yrs. My pastries have been gobbled up by friends, families and patients at the holidays. You can learn to dupe others with wonderful taste. You just need to want to.

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Thank you Erin Elizabeth at www.healthnutnews.com