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Organic Eggs or Not?

For those of you that learned from Nutrition Response Testing that your body only wanted Organic Eggs, there are some things you ought to know.

There is a vast difference in selection. Your egg box may say organic and free range but what does that mean for different retailers? Commercially processed eggs may stamp that on the carton but are the chickens really FREE RANGE or just let out of their barns and housing for a short while, maybe even minutes a day? And what DO they really put in their feed? Labeling can be deceiving. Often, if not regularly, commercial egg industries will stretch the truth about free range. If you know the local farmers, if you know the history of each brand, you will be receiving the real deal.

Many people buy eggs at low cost. But those people are not realizing the dangers of eating any old egg and how that chicken is fed or housed. The deplorable facts of this can be seen on any documentary film or television or read about in any book that deals with animal humane treatment. What that chicken goes through and eats transfers to the human condition. 

We are in an epidemic of disease coming from all sides of our world and it is transferring via food big time. This post is devoted to bringing this once again to your attention.

Pay the extra dollar. Go the extra mile to feed yourself and your family with the right eggs. Over 175 million people in our country eat eggs. Yet only a small percentage care about what it contains and how it affects them.

CAFO's is the acronym for "confined animal feeding operations". This is referring to the few minutes of the chicken let out in the yard to stretch their worn legs from having to fight for space, being pecked on and trampled on inside. The British government found that 23% of those types of institutions had a very HIGH RATE OF SALMONELLA. The USDA ( US gov't) found that thousands were contaminated with same, although we suspect those figures are way higher. Salmonella is food poisoning that shows symptoms that could last a week. If untreated it has moved itself into an auto immune response and chronic arthritis.

Now that you have decided to pay the extra dollar or two for the right eggs, I will give you our best advisement: go local farmers you know or go buy HAPPY EGGS.
Happy Eggs were the only commercial free range producer to be awarded the Humane Certification from the American Humane Association in February 2015.

... Daily Eco Tips , and they suggest eating only free-range chicken eggs

We have found them in Gelsons, Albertsons, Vons and Ralphs and I hear it expanded to Walmart ( maybe middle west or ?). It is a bright yellow carton. Read about its history, owners of at least 8-9 farms in the Ozarks in Arkansas and Missouri. The "girls" as they call their chickens, roam freely over many acres of rolling land. They are fed vegetarian food. No antibiotics or hormones at all. Free range eggs have 1/3 less cholesterol, 1/4 less saturated fat, 2/3 more Vitamin A, 2 times more Omega -3, 3 times more Vitamin E, 7 times more beta carotene.

Something else to know about Free Range Eggs. They are happy chicks that give you same energy, they peck the minerals in the earth for toughness of their shell. And their shell tells you everything.

I have had a problem with egg shells that were so fragile they broke in my hands. I usually buy from Trader Joes. I like the jumbo's but couldn't understand the shell fragility. When I purchased Happy Eggs, the shell was tough and the egg yolk bright orange, like I used to see in Europe when I lived there.

Eggshells are important. They are porous membranes much like our own skin with 7,500 pores or openings. The outer is covered with a waxy substance called the bloom. Gases and moisture is lost through the pores. But when this happens, carbon dioxide also is lost which speeds up the breakdown of the egg. The commercial egg is washed and depending on the process, wears down the outer covering and if so, they put mineral oil on it. That by the way, is a petroleum. More healthy producers will use a vegetable oil. If you cannot whip that egg white into stiff peaks it is because the mineral oil seeped into the egg! 

Other wet washing techniques called sanitizing, use Chlorine, sodium carbonate, ozone, hydrogen peroxide ( have to wonder if it is the food grade kind) or peracetic acid using vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. Just so you know, chlorine can interact with organic materials that form carcinogenic and mutagenic byproducts. 

Dry brushing is the highly recommended form, should you ask your local farmer.

People who think they are doing their heart good by eating egg whites only need some education.

 Do not consume the egg whites without the egg yolk. Egg whites contain avidin, which binds to biotin. When you cook the egg white, the avidin is no longer an issue. If you consume the both yolk and white, there is no danger of having too much avidin because the yolk supplies enough biotin.

 Eating your eggs scrambled is one of the worst ways to consume them. When eggs are scrambled, the cholesterol inside the yolk becomes oxidized. People who have high cholesterol levels should avoid eating their eggs scrambled. Best to soft boil or fry easy over.

 Dr. Mercola reminds us that the proteins in eggs are converted by gastrointestinal enzymes producing peptides that act as ACE inhibitors! ACE inhibitors are types of medications used to lower blood pressure, so another reminder that eggs are heart healthy!

You can keep eggs out of the refrigerator for up to 10 days and in the refrigerator for up to 40 days. Europeans rarely refrigerate their eggs. But think about THIS. Many commercialized eggs may have been on the shelf upwards of 3 weeks already!! So read the pack date and the sell by date clearly:

egg carton showing sell by date

Those of you who buy the added Omega 3 eggs are doing yourself an injustice. Those eggs were pumped up because the chicken was fed a poor quality of omega 3 and to add it is folly. Those eggs will perish faster.
And for those who are afraid of eating eggs because of cholesterol, that is a myth!! Many studies have proved otherwise in University testing. Cholesterol is needed for brain and heart. High Cholesterol has even been raised just ingesting medications! To its detriment, those who make their daily diet poor, eating fast food and junk eating at home need a new plan for their life.

Did you know that one egg give 9 grams of high quality protein and 9 essential amino acids? That it has a natural form of Vitamin D 24.5 grams? In a world of eye problems and mac degeneration, cataracts and glaucoma, guess what? Eggs contain lutein and zeaxanthin which are critically important antioxidants in your lens and retina. Then there is Choline, highly important for our nervous system and cardiovascular, one egg gives us 300 micrograms. Pregnant women need this hugely to help form the brain of the unborn child. And there are 18 minerals and vitamins inside one egg.

Dull pale yellow yolks = caged hens
Bright orange yolks = pasture roaming hens
Omega 3 fortified eggs =unhealthy with shorter life span
Poultry and Egg industry = feed their chickens grains
Overcrowded CAFO's = give way to disease and cannibalism and will connect you with pasture foraging hens.

Be safe. Be smart. Pay the extra $$ for your health.

Thanks to Dr. Mercola's research.
Bettye Cart 

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