Saturday, June 28, 2014

More Health Reading

Next time you buy a magazine full of advertisements or read a comic book or watch the news or decide to just eat away your evening on the couch, buy one or more of these books from Amazon or your local bookstore and read for your health. :))


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What should we be reading for health?

Let's go back to the seventies. Who was our idol then? Bernie Siegel, Adele Davis? Health food was some kind of archaic idea wasn't it? We all preferred to read the poets, the philosophers, maybe the biography of Paramahansa Yogananda or watch Jack La Lanne do calisthenics while we sip our coffee?

There are more health and self improvement books on the market than ever. Then, why are we not engaged?
                                                                                         Eco toxic environments and food poisons?
                                                                                         Educate yourself.

Don't Eat Cancer: Modern Day Cancer Prevention