Saturday, April 19, 2014

How We Heal

It doesn't matter if our MD, or our Chiropractor or our Naturopath or our Acupuncturist tells us we are sick, probably sicker than we realize some serious changes need to be put in place, then a proactive regimen must be in order. We are captain of our ships and need our Doctors as lighthouses to help us navigate to safer shores. To assume the Doctor is the commander and to place all in their hands to carry you over the threshold is folly. We must be informed, awakened to what WE can do. How many of us get informed, do the research and care enough to know every detail?

Auto immune responses are the prelude to the devastating diagnoses we all hear about. 

The other day Dr asked me "What do you think the largest organ in the body is?" My sure-footed medical training urged me quickly to respond. "The Skin!"  Well I was wrong.

He spoke out, "The Cell Membrane!"

So why isn't this vital information indelibly written in my brain? Because we study microbiology and it is just one more thing to memorize for the tests. But as of the last years much has been scientifically revealed about the cell membrane and how VITAL it is. It is the gateway to whether we will be sick or in health. So the protocol is to "Fix the membrane and the body can heal itself."

What has been discovered is that the body needs to be supplied with specific lipids ( phospholipids). It is the life raft for the cells over run with toxic waste. We can all agree that the Standard American Diet suffers from beneficial fats. The Low Fat diet is an insult to the biologic. Our brains are composed mainly of fat so why deny the very molecules of fat that heal?

We all studied about the mitochondria in the cell. Did you know that now there is a fast growing disease called Mitochondrial disease that has no answers for treatment? It is affecting our young. There are certain lipids that make up the mitochondria's membrane and when that membrane is damaged, it loses its battery charge thus impairing the flow of protons and electrons across the membrane. What then do we have? Chronic Fatigue Syndrome!

There are key questions to ask yourself if you wonder if you have cell membrane damage:
1. Are you lacking in 6 servings of organic fruit and vegetables in your diet?
2. Any inflammatory symptoms that end their name in "itis"?
3. Heart or Cardiovascular symptoms?
4. Ongoing aches and pains?
5. Risk of or ongoing diabetes?
6. Diminishing eyesight acuity?
7. Age spots- brown spots on your skin?
8. Premenstrual syndrome, menopause symptoms or other hormonal imbalances?
9. Senior moments of forgetfulness or memory issues?
10. Fatigue, hypothyroid symptoms or feeling chilled?

We ask ourselves where on earth does all the inflammation come from?

Antibiotic use that changes the gastrointestinal microbiome, GMO foods, toxins, food additives, toxic environment for starters. Fast food for 30 yrs used trans fats and it is thought to be a primary culprit of cell membrane damage. They clog the membrane and have already been proven to be the major cause of heart and CV disease as well as hormonal dysregulation that leads to the big C. Margarine was a big fool of Mother Nature and altered fats in the diet.  How many of our Mothers used "Imperial Margarine" to bake with? Mine did!
Pesticides is a big contributor to inflammation in the cells. You may say you do not have the gardeners spray anymore but what about your neighbors spraying? And your workplace? Pesticides change the electrical potentials across the membranes. On top of which the liver cannot detoxify quickly leading to neuro diseases like MS and Parkinsons, including brain dysfunction such as anxiety, depression, faulty hypothalamus. Big Pharma has plenty of meds to address that. How many people are on antidepressants or anti anxiety pills? Our own son told me most of his co-workers in the computer industry are on all kinds of prescription drugs to bring them up then down! Pesticides across the globe is truly a mark of the beast.

GMO- Genetically Modified Organism - is the food we grew up with. Organic is the food most probably our grandparents and great grandparents enjoyed. Now we are facing the increasing concern with buying the right food in the right grocery store. Now over 85% of all corn products in the U.S. are GMO.  That is found in breakfast cereals, popcorn, ketchup, barbecue sauce, canned corn, grits, tortillas, chips.  Here is some trivia:

Non GMO corn contains 437 times more calcium, 56 times more Magnesium and 7 times more Manganese.

GMO corn was found to contain 13 ppm of glyphosate  compared to zero in non GMO corn. We have come to understand glyphosate is the ingredient in pesticide, herbicide spraying and Monsanto's Round up. It also contains high levels of formaldehyde, 200 times more than the amount found toxic to animals! I hope you all remember that formaldehyde is embalming fluid! Make sure you never buy the nail polish with that ingredient.

The EPA standard for glyphosate in our water supply is 0.7ppm yet we have documented data that in animals the standard at 0.1 ppm creates organ damage!

Back to Cell Membrane Balance. It is the key to healing. Not the hormonal therapy, the thyroid drugs, the insulin for diabetes, not the steroids.  Simply giving the cell the nutrients it desperately needs.

When the cell membrane is warped, damaged and inflamed, the receptors just do not work effectively. Hormones interact at the cell membrane receptor site and need to "dock" there. If damaged, the hormones run freely in circulation thus causing more trouble. With free running estrogens we see cellular proliferations in the endometrial lining and breasts giving rise to breast and uterine cancers. The cause continues to be unchecked with giving estrogen drugs. One side effect of that is heart disease. And why do we have a huge rise in infertility?

Diabetes should never be. If the mitochondrial membranes that regulate glucose cannot and because it also is about the free radical process and ATP energy we have a disease process in motion. If the distress is corrected, a major part of the glucose imbalance equation is solved. But what we have in reality is hundreds of billions of dollars funding the cure to diabetes via toxic drugs.

What does the Mitochondria need?
It requires oxygen, glucose and a host of Citric Acid Cycle nutrients like Co-Q 10, acetyl carnitine, B vitamins, alpha ketoglutarate, lipoic acid etc just to make ATP chemical energy. ( Remember the Kreb cycle in school science studies?) With insulin resistance the mitochondria cannot make the ATP needed, and inflammation levels rise, glucose is stored as fat, smooth muscles are thickened and the arteries elevate Blood Pressure.

Cholesterol is vital to the cell membrane. Did you know that a lack of beneficial cholesterol  (cholesterol sulfate form ) is heart disease? Cholesterol repairs the heart's mitochondrial membranes! This is why statin drugs do more harm than good. When we see elevated cholesterol on the blood tests it is the body's attempt to repair damaged cell membranes!

When Dr. Cart tests your body, he will evaluate if your system is ready for accepting the supplements that repair cell membrane.

excerpts taken from Membrane Rejuvenation Therapy by Dr. Jack Tips
Research report Systemic Formulas #14

Bettye Cart