Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

For Christmas this year one of my presents was the book called Beyond Positive Thinking by Dr. Robert Anthony. The good Doc read it and wanted to pass it on. I am absorbing a few pages each day because it is filled with the metaphors we all love to interpret. Here is a page I will share as my New Year gift to y'all.

"The Universe is like a river. The river keeps on flowing. It doesn't care whether you are happy or sad, good or bad; it just keeps flowing. Some people go down to the river and they cry. Some people go down to the river and they are happy, but the river doesn't care; it just keeps flowing. We can use it and enjoy it, or we can jump in and drown. The river just keeps flowing because it is impersonal. And so it is with the universe. The universe that we live in can support us or destroy us. It's our interpretation and use of the laws that determine our effects or results.

We can only receive what our minds are capable of accepting. We can go to the river of life with a teaspoon, and someone else may go with a cup. Someone else may go with a bucket, and yet another person may go with a barrel. But the abundance of the river is always there and waiting. Our consciousness, our ideas, our frame of reference and our belief system determine whether we go to the river of life with a teaspoon, a cup a bucket or a barrel.

If we are impoverished in our thinking and have gone to the river of life with only a teaspoon, we may curse the little we have in our teaspoon. We may curse others who have more than we do. But remember, whatever we curse will curse us. The river is there, and it's overflowing with abundance. We can come to the river of life with a teaspoon, a bucket or a barrel anytime we want to. What we take from the river of life is up to us. The only limitation is in our mind. The truth is we can have anything we want if we'll give up the belief that we can't have it . It's as simple as that."

Today is the beginning of a new cycle and a new vision and a new interpretation of our life. Make sure health is a part of that larger vision to stretch our years with vitality and clarity.
Happiest 2014 to all our readers and patients, family and friends.

Bettye and Dr. Larry