Thursday, August 15, 2013

Natural Vitamins vs. Synthetic Vitamins

This is a common question. Which one works? And what is natural? We hear the statements frequently that grocery store brand is the best money can buy. Yet, truth be told, not once have we found a synthetic brand on the market test positive during our Nutrition response testings. Why is this so? I will quote and paraphrase from a wonderful book that Mary Frost wrote called Going Back to the Basics of Human Health. We keep a copy of the book in our offices and people do pick it up and read it but do they stop thinking about what the media says to hype them up? Our nutrition patients get all the vitamins they could ever need in a lifetime through the synergistic natural raw food supplements with vitalized enzymes because they are heated at such a low temperature.

To quote the author:
"Not only do synthetic or crystalline-pure vitamins not work, they are also not good for you. Why? They are not real."

A person will begin to take Vitamin C or otherwise called ascorbic acid. The body must have some reserves of the components of the C complex i.e, enzymes, co-enzymes, antioxidants, trace element activators and alot of unknown factors to re-combine and process the intake of ascorbic acid taken in pill form. Sure, for a time, the patient feels like mighty mouse. Energy increase, even euphoria. However, when the reserves are drained, the ascorbic acid will no longer benefit. The old symptoms return even while the person is still taking the ascorbic acid and now the person has a true Vitamin C deficiency. Why? Because the body treats all synthetic vitamins as foreign substances, reacting to them like toxins. These toxins are then processed and neutralized by the liver then sends them to the kidneys for elimination. THIS IS THE REAL STORY BEHIND EXCESS VITAMIN INTAKE.

What did we usually hear growing up and still do? "No worries, the body just eliminates what it doesn't need through the urine. That's why your urine shows a bright yellow color, brighter than usual. That is the unwanted Vitamin C." Yes, in truth, it is unwanted and unnecessary and harmful. Any excessive amount of synthetic vitamin will cause effects to reverse.

An example of this is when synthetic B1 vitamin ( thiamine ) is taken, initially fatigue is alleviated. Then, it will cause fatigue by the build up of pyruvic acid. This leads to the vicious cycle of thinking more and more thiamine is needed, resulting in more and more fatigue, along with other complaints. Why don't the Doctors know this? Because out of 127 Medical schools in our nation, only 22 of them mandate one course in nutrition. The Medical community is trained in sick care, not in preventative, holistic, wellness care through nature's pure food supplement solution. We all have come to the conclusion by now that our food source in today's market is failing us, deeply flawed, poisoned by pesticide controls, hybridized to infinity. Organic farming is under attack and has been compromised hugely.

Here is a sample of the author's research.

Vitamin A in synthetic form is made up of Acetate, retinal Palmate and beta carotene.
Vitamin A in Food based form is made up of Fish Oils, Liver and Carrot Powder

Vitamin B1 in synthetic form is made up of Thiamine HCL and Thiamine Mononitrate.
Vitamin B1 in Food based form is made up of Nutritional yeast.

Vitamin B3 in synthetic form is made up of Niacin.
Vitamin B3 in Food based form is made up of Nutritional yeast and liver.

Vitamin C in synthetic form is made up of Ascorbic Acid and Pycnogenols.
Vitamin C in Food based form is made up of Green leafy vegetables, Buckwheat juice and citrus.

** Synthetic Vitamin C has been known to have no effect on pneumonia, bronchitis or other pulmonary problems. Sufferers doing so, still show a low serum level of Vitamin C despite daily intake of the ascorbic acid pills. In fact, it reduces total white blood count and compromises the immune further.

Vitamin D in synthetic form is made up of Irradiated Ergosterol.
Vitamin D in Food based form is made up of Cholecalciferol and fish oil

Vitamin E in synthetic form is made up of d and dl-Alpha Tocopherol, and d-Alpha succinate.
Vitamin E in Food based form is made up of Wheat germ oil, Green leafy veg and Peavine plant.

It is known in the nutritional community that Vitamin E actually loses up to 99% of its potency when separated from its natural synergists. Laboratory control animals that were Vitamin E deficient that were fed the tocopherols died sooner than the animals that received nothing at all.

A study was made with silver foxes. They were fed a synthetic diet of all the known B vitamins. They did not grow, their fur deteriorated and finally they died. Another study group of silver foxes added yeast and liver with natural whole B complex. They grew normally and the quality of their fur and health improved.

The food based form is beautifully combined with Standard Process Products, long revered since 1929.

Dr. Royal Lee DDS ( see my earlier posts on his work) who created Standard Process in the early 20th Century said NO ONE source contain ALL the factors of a complete vitamin B complex. He lists 22 factors and synergists in his B complex. His work is mind boggling and at a deep molecular complexity.He was even able to include Vitamin B4, which he called the anti-paralysis factor. He said that a deficiency of Vitamin E could result in muscle degeneration of the heart and a deficiency of Vitamin B4 can cause a heart attack due to the degeneration of nerves in the heart muscle.

Remember, food processing of today destroys all complexes, but the hype is always telling us it is healthy and natural. Further, few people realize that most commercial antioxidants are produced in a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant. Too many synthetic antioxidants can cause fatigue and muscle weakness. But why on Earth would one think THAT was the culprit? It had to be something else and so the consumption continued.

Time Magazine reported that Hoffman-LaRouche, a big pharma conglomerate was building a plant in Freeport, Texas to turn out 350 tons of synthetic beta carotene enough to supply a six milligram capsule daily to every American adult every year of their lives. No truckloads of carrots going to that company.

Nutritional deficiences have begun to alter our genes. Dr. Royal Lee was one of the first to recognize this in 1929. Then the monumental work of Dr. Weston Price. In the 1940's his book was required reading by medical and dental schools. Now, nutrition is a forgotten child in those learning establishments.

We are not as strong as our ancestors. Just one example was that their wheat was consumed whole with bran and germ, while now, the bran and germ is fed to the livestock and we receive the cardboard residue in our flours. Does that amaze us? Isn't disease more prevalent? Do we not have more need for gluten free diets and is not autism on the rise?

The passionate work of the many Doctors of the past must not be ignored. They were visionaries and messengers.

There is so much more to know and connect with the innate intelligence of our miraculous biology. Nutritional Response Testing is the beginning of that journey.

Bettye Cart