Friday, June 21, 2013

I Am Breaking Down, Now What?

The first run to a Doctor or Emergency Room because you are breaking down, feeling the plug pulled, and the body's reserves not available, will result in most likely, a prescription for an antibiotic.

There may be some vital things you may not know about antibiotics. In my medical/nursing days I remembered telling my patients that the antibiotic assisted with their own antibodies in fighting disease. However, if the immune is compromised by other factors, the antibodies will be as well. And if antibiotics become a regular thing, what happens is that your own army of antibodies gets lazy and "will not get up off the couch like an unmotivated teenager".

Antibiotics act by violently stimulating the ADRENAL GLANDS that sit like a hat over our kidneys. This may clear a toxemia but if the adrenals are weak or depleted the problem runs chronic and recurring and thus the need for more and more antibiotics which perpetuate the problem.

I remember in my years in the hospital, we took cultures before ever administering an antibiotic. That culture sat in a petrie dish to see if the bacteria would respond to a certain antibiotic placed in the dish. In other words a validation was necessary before the patient received the medication.

We don't see that waiting period anymore. We see Doctors writing the prescription without cultures being taken. After all, the problem may be viral or fungal!

Here is a key description of Bacteria vs. Virus

Bacteria will show an increase in metabolic rate, body temperature warm, increase in perspiration, maybe some painful swelling if localized, urine ph will be acid, Increase in blood sugar, increase in white blood cells, mucus and congestion  and protein in urine.

Virus will have a decrease in metabolic rate, body could remain cool, patient may be sensitive to cold, general aches and pains, increase in globulin, decrease in blood sugar, decrease in white blood cells and patient feels weak and fatigued.

Now we have mutated viruses and bacteria can be found inside a virus and virus inside a bacteria. What we knew before has been modified. We see virus and bacteria co-habitating with symptomology and yet, antibiotics cannot target virus.
With resistant strains and MRSA and other forms of cellular disease, morphology of microbiology has changed. Those who pop the Z packs at will or take the antibiotic are in very high risk of immune suppressed illnesses. It can start early in childhood.

The goal is to raise one's immunity ( spleen and thymus glands) at whatever cost which may be changing food lifestyles in the home with family, taking immune building supplements, staying away from synthetic vitamins which compromise the kidney and create disruptors at the cell membrance and finding the right pure food supplements to enhance health. Nutrition is not just about eating. It is about maintaining a healthy body system to defend against the onslaught of a microbial changing world.

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