Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Ultimate Cleanse

We have heard for our entire adult life how important it is to do "a cleanse", to detox and until you have been in a place where you feel sick all over, this title does not translate as important enough.

The question will always be, "But how? Safely?"

I was reading a recent newsletter from Dr. Schultze, the grand daddy of intestinal cleanses who received his training from Dr. John Christopher and Dr. Knowles, a British herbalist. He also trained with Dr. Bernard Jensen, as my husband Dr. Cart, has. He studied with Dr. Paavo Airola, who both Dr. Larry and I studied data from back in the early days. Inside of 40 yrs, Dr. Schultze has done over 100 different detox cleansing programs from deep bowel, liver, kidney, lung and skin to various fasts and flushes. God bless you Dr. Schultze because we are all not equipped to run that mile. But with the help of a careful and knowledgeable Doctor who can monitor coupled with Advanced NRT, like Dr. Larry, a reasonable approach can be decided.

First and foremost, the human body has to be "able" to process a detox without it compromising organs at risk. We see the young ones at the gym who have the energy of Hercules do a quick cleanse with all their hyped up diets they extract from either their trainers or books they have read. I take issue with those who do detox's for weight loss because that is not the goal. Even detox teas have ingredients that can create turmoil if overloaded. Then the mid-lifers who are trying to get back their mo jo because the thyroid is failing or years of being constipated or inconsistent is catching up. We are a vessel for toxins and just like blood cells that must die off and renew themselves, we must follow suit.

A good rule of thumb is to study what the ancients did, or the well versed homeopathic clinics all over the world did for cleansing the body. lf it is not applied with discernment and a gentle approach, the big ship will eventually hit the iceberg it didn't see coming!

We know about the harmful waste and sludge that resides within our system from eating the wrong foods from the start. We know we have not exercised enough or at all to push the system to flush the lymph. We know about the deposits in organs and muscles that make us weary, slow, lazy and in pain.
When Dr. Larry tests, does he receives signals of toxins accumulating? That is a first validated sign. Then your symptoms are part of the overall evaluation. But remember, symptoms are the LAST to appear so keep that in mind.

Where do these toxins come from, really?

According to Dr. Schultze, he categorized it simply.

This creates metabolic waste and yes, we have very good armies inside of us that deal with that, but with toxic overload, it cannot do the job.
Are you constipated? ( our second brain is the intestines) Or is diarrhea your mode of operation? Do you only eliminate once in a while? If you do not every day, twice a day, you are backing up the toxins to other areas, including brain. Does your urine have an unnatural odor? Does your sweat have a foul odor? Are you plagued suddenly with skin problems?

Can you list them? Food #1. Did you know that the average American grocery cart has over 100 different highly toxic chemicals in it? Not talking about the actual steel carriage but what we put in it. Anything in a box, frozen or not that is not fresh produce.

Air #2. EPA did a study that inside the American home it is 70 times more polluted than outdoor air. Add toxic cleaners, detergents. If you have a housekeeper what does she use to clean? And why does she have to wear a mask sometimes or cover her face with a cloth?

Water#3. This is something we stress in our practice. The tap water drinking is one major problem, but showering without a chlorine filter that has a reasonable cost at your mega store, is like drinking 20 gallons of tap water.

Drugs#4. For those who must take a certain drug, there will always be a residue that remains in the cells and tissues for years, sometimes decades. Think about all those who have dumped their prescription drugs down the toilet.

Heavy Metals #5. Mercury contamination from seafood consumption to old tooth fillings to childhood vaccines containing mercury. Remember our childhood being exposed to lead paint and Christmas tree tinsel? What about our exposure to X-rays, now CT scans which are 500 times more than an average Xray.,8599,1818520,00.html
Did you know that the average CT scan has the same radiation exposure of 442 chest films and leads to over 15,000 deaths every year? They have found it causes over 30,000 new cases of cancer annually. High heat. Remember, radiation accrues, so if you had alot of XRay as a child or young adult, it is still with you in your adult years.

Dr. Schultze had me chuckling about something even our young probably believe, that our body is like a 1950 Ford, a lung up here and a kidney down there and a bowel somewhere in the middle with lots of room. Wrong. The point is, he says, there is NO EXTRA SPACE in your body. If your bowel swells up due to constipation and gas pockets, then some other organ gets crushed ( compromised ). Everything takes the hit, lungs, heart, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, kidneys, adrenals, uterus or prostate. How often is referred pain? Very often! We have gone from only 10% of the population post world war II over the age of 45 who had colon problems ( diverticulitis) to now, almost 50% of the population over 45. I can well understand his passion for devoting a lifetime to educating people. Fiberless American junk food has been the main culprit.

Now that I have rattled your cage, if you are awake to this, please do not even give your family a treat of fast food. It is not a treat. I cannot remember when I had my last Carl's Jr. hamburger. I choose a well respected restaurant close to my home for a fabulous vegi burger that has fresh vegetables and beets, all homemade with unseasoned french fries for my treat. My next attempt is to make my own in the comfort of my kitchen. It is possible to make the changes that will prolong your life and your families lives.

Bettye Cart

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