Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Goat Milk, An Ideal Food

Happy Valentines Day and no this is not a blog about chocolate or candies or cake. Dr. Cart was fortunate to be able to visit and stay at the Hidden Valley Health Ranch in Escondido decades ago that Dr. Bernard Jensen, D.C, world traveler and crusader for health, created as an educational haven for Doctors interested in following a path of nutrition. Dr. Jensen died in his nineties but we were both blessed by knowing him and his work. One of his great accomplishments was studying the idea of goat milk and goat products in our everyday life. Did you know a famous restaurant in Laguna Beach makes homemade goat's milk ice cream?

We have alot to share about goats so let us begin:
1. Goats milk digests in 20 min, whereas cows milk takes 2-3hrs to digest. Cow's milk fat globules are 5 times the size of goat's milk. If you pour goat's milk in a glass then pour it out again, you can see clearly through the glass. Cow's milk leaves a cloudy film on the glass. Goat's milk has 10 highly evolved fats for nerves and brain.
2. A sensitive stomach can use the high sodium content of goat milk. We call sodium the youth element because it maintains pliable joints. When sodium is deficient, symptoms occur such as rheumatism, burning or cold feet, swollen ankles, tender scalp, or ulcerations in the GI tract.
3. Goat's teeth do not decay because they have a high flourin content and it gives the teeth a hard coating. Flourin is successful in clearing mucus, helping with bones, teeth, nails, hair, arterial walls and skin. It is an antiseptic and combats anything that threatens the integrity of the bones, nails and membranes.
4. Black Mission figs and goat milk helps arthritic conditions.
5. Soaked dates in goat's milk is a wonderful combination for stomach ulcers.
6. Three-fifths of the world today live on goat's milk.
7. Goats are browsers and climbers and are fond of bark of trees, roots, and herbs. Cows graze.

8. Goat's do not get TB because of the high silicon in the milk. TB flourishes in cows that do not have that armor.
9. The reaction of goat milk is alkaline, the same as mother's milk. Cows milk gives an acid reaction.
10. Goat milk is high in chlorine, the great cleanser of the body, healing wounds and injuries, bloodstream and aiding heart function.
11. The Calcium in goat's milk builds and repairs bones, teeth, blood vessel walls, heartbeat, soothes nerves.
12. The zinc in goat's milk attacks respiratory disorders, helps prevent cardiac abnormalities, and neuralgia.
13. The phosphorus in goat's milk is essential to the brain. It also contains more vitamins than any other known food, i.e. 2000-3000 I.U. of Vitamin A, 400-500 units of Vitamin B, 30-50 units of Vitamin C, 6-12 units of Vitamin D and 35 units of Vitamin G.
14. The cholesterol in goat's milk is far superior for the human brain because of it's higher percentage of chemical salts.

The Western world is just beginning to be interested in goat's milk products whereas, the rest of the world that herds goats and eat's goat meat plentifully is way ahead of the game. I remember my parents telling me as they were European travelers for decades, that goat meat was always on the menu in restaurants and considered delicious.

We can now see because of the rampant epidemic of food allergies across the board, gastrointestinal ulcerations and conditions starting with our young, certain grocery establishments always have goat's milk products available. We have goat's cheeses, goat cheddar, goat gouda, goat brie etc. and we have a very delicious goat's yogurt. There are few people we have met that do not like goat's products and it is becoming very popular even among the babies and children.

In our practice over the many years, if a child showed readiness to stop breast milk or could not have that availability, goat's milk was suggested and the children thrived!

Consider your alternatives. You can increase your chances with dairy allergies, bloating and gas or live strong with goat's products. We need to catch up with the rest of civilization and enjoy the benefits!

excerpts taken from"Nature has a remedy" by Dr. Bernard Jensen

Bettye Cart

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