Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

For Christmas this year one of my presents was the book called Beyond Positive Thinking by Dr. Robert Anthony. The good Doc read it and wanted to pass it on. I am absorbing a few pages each day because it is filled with the metaphors we all love to interpret. Here is a page I will share as my New Year gift to y'all.

"The Universe is like a river. The river keeps on flowing. It doesn't care whether you are happy or sad, good or bad; it just keeps flowing. Some people go down to the river and they cry. Some people go down to the river and they are happy, but the river doesn't care; it just keeps flowing. We can use it and enjoy it, or we can jump in and drown. The river just keeps flowing because it is impersonal. And so it is with the universe. The universe that we live in can support us or destroy us. It's our interpretation and use of the laws that determine our effects or results.

We can only receive what our minds are capable of accepting. We can go to the river of life with a teaspoon, and someone else may go with a cup. Someone else may go with a bucket, and yet another person may go with a barrel. But the abundance of the river is always there and waiting. Our consciousness, our ideas, our frame of reference and our belief system determine whether we go to the river of life with a teaspoon, a cup a bucket or a barrel.

If we are impoverished in our thinking and have gone to the river of life with only a teaspoon, we may curse the little we have in our teaspoon. We may curse others who have more than we do. But remember, whatever we curse will curse us. The river is there, and it's overflowing with abundance. We can come to the river of life with a teaspoon, a bucket or a barrel anytime we want to. What we take from the river of life is up to us. The only limitation is in our mind. The truth is we can have anything we want if we'll give up the belief that we can't have it . It's as simple as that."

Today is the beginning of a new cycle and a new vision and a new interpretation of our life. Make sure health is a part of that larger vision to stretch our years with vitality and clarity.
Happiest 2014 to all our readers and patients, family and friends.

Bettye and Dr. Larry

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Additives Banned in Other Countries

As a kid growing up didn't we just love jello, popsicles, canned drinks with summer colors, punch, dying easter eggs and all the bright and beautiful foods that were processed? Did we even care about dyes or additives? Surely our parents did not because we carried that toxic element into our adulthood hearing the word carcinogenic. Wasn't it enough we lived near power plants and towers, had runoff of poisons a list long in our nearby neighborhoods, snuffed up the fumes as we watched pools and sidewalks being poured with cement  , camped in dirt chock full of aluminum and arsenic and made caves out of all kinds of toxic materials? Never mind organic. Mom shopped at where ever the coupons would allow. Now we have some information from other countries I am posting that ban additives we barely think about.



8 Additives From The US That Are Banned In Other Countries

By Dr. Jayson Calton and Mira Calton

This brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "food poisoning." Discover 8 additives that can be found in most supermarket aisles that you may be eating and not even know it

1. Artificial Food Dye: Makes your food pretty and inhibits nerve-cell development.

Found in: Practically everything we eat: cake mixes, sports drinks, cheese, candy, and even MACARONI AND CHEESE.
Why it’s dangerous: Artificial dyes are made from chemicals derived from PETROLEUM, which is also used to make gasoline, diesel fuel, asphalt, and tar! Artificial dyes have been linked to brain cancer, nerve-cell deterioration, and hyperactivity, just to name a few.
Where it’s banned: Norway, Finland, Austria, France, and the United Kingdom.

2. Olestra (or Olean): Lowers calorie counts while causing vitamin depletion and anal leakage.

Found in: Fat-free potato chips, corn chips, and French fries.
Why it’s dangerous: Created by Procter & Gamble as a substitue for cooking oil, Olestra robs your body of its ability to absorb vitamins. Fun side effects include cramps and leaky bowels.
Where it’s banned: The U.K. and Canada.

3. Brominated Vegetable Oil: Makes food dye stick to liquid, but also may cause birth defects and major organ damage.

Found in: Sports drinks and citrus-flavored sodas.
Why it’s dangerous: Bromine is a chemical used to stop CARPETS FROM CATCHING ON FIRE, so you can see why drinking it may not be the best idea. BVO is linked to major organ system damage, birth defects, growth problems, schizophrenia, and hearing loss.
Where it’s banned: In over 100 countries.

4. Potassium Bromate (or bromated flour): Great for impatient bakers, bad for your kidneys and nervous system.

Found in: Wraps, rolls, bread crumbs, bagel chips, flat breads.
Why it’s dangerous: Derived from the same harmful chemical as brominated vegetable oil, brominated flour is used to decrease baking time and reduce costs. Only problem is, it’s linked to kidney damage, cancer, and nervous system damage.
Where it’s banned: Europe, Canada, and China.

5. Azodicarbonamide: Bleaches flour, plastic, and induces asthma as an added bonus.

Found in: Breads, frozen dinners, boxed pasta mixes, and packaged baked goods.
Why it’s dangerous: Used to bleach both flour and FOAMED PLASTIC (yoga mats and the soles of sneakers), azodicarbonamide has been known to induce asthma.
Where it’s banned: Australia, the U.K., and most European countries.

6. BHA & BHT: Waxy preservatives linked to cancer and tumors.

Found in: Cereal, nut mixes, gum, butter, meat, dehydrated potatoes.
Why it’s dangerous: Used to keep food from becoming rancid, butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) are known to cause cancer in rats. And we’re next!
Where it’s banned: The U.K., Japan, and many other European countries.

7. Synthetic Growth Hormones rBGH and rBST: Harmful to cows and linked to increasing tumor development in humans

Found in: Milk and dairy products.
Why it’s dangerous: Growth hormones are bad for cows and people, potentially causing infertility, weakened muscle growth, and a whole array of cancers.
Where it’s banned: Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, and the EU.

8. Arsenic: Basically this will slowly kill you if you ingest enough of it.

Found in: Poultry.
Why it’s dangerous: Used in chicken feed to make meat appear pinker and fresher, arsenic is POISON, which will kill you if you ingest enough.
Where it’s banned: The European Union.

Source: From the book 'Rich Food, Poor Food' by Dr. Jayson Calton and Mira Calton

Posted by Bettye Cart from Internet source above.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Natural Vitamins vs. Synthetic Vitamins

This is a common question. Which one works? And what is natural? We hear the statements frequently that grocery store brand is the best money can buy. Yet, truth be told, not once have we found a synthetic brand on the market test positive during our Nutrition response testings. Why is this so? I will quote and paraphrase from a wonderful book that Mary Frost wrote called Going Back to the Basics of Human Health. We keep a copy of the book in our offices and people do pick it up and read it but do they stop thinking about what the media says to hype them up? Our nutrition patients get all the vitamins they could ever need in a lifetime through the synergistic natural raw food supplements with vitalized enzymes because they are heated at such a low temperature.

To quote the author:
"Not only do synthetic or crystalline-pure vitamins not work, they are also not good for you. Why? They are not real."

A person will begin to take Vitamin C or otherwise called ascorbic acid. The body must have some reserves of the components of the C complex i.e, enzymes, co-enzymes, antioxidants, trace element activators and alot of unknown factors to re-combine and process the intake of ascorbic acid taken in pill form. Sure, for a time, the patient feels like mighty mouse. Energy increase, even euphoria. However, when the reserves are drained, the ascorbic acid will no longer benefit. The old symptoms return even while the person is still taking the ascorbic acid and now the person has a true Vitamin C deficiency. Why? Because the body treats all synthetic vitamins as foreign substances, reacting to them like toxins. These toxins are then processed and neutralized by the liver then sends them to the kidneys for elimination. THIS IS THE REAL STORY BEHIND EXCESS VITAMIN INTAKE.

What did we usually hear growing up and still do? "No worries, the body just eliminates what it doesn't need through the urine. That's why your urine shows a bright yellow color, brighter than usual. That is the unwanted Vitamin C." Yes, in truth, it is unwanted and unnecessary and harmful. Any excessive amount of synthetic vitamin will cause effects to reverse.

An example of this is when synthetic B1 vitamin ( thiamine ) is taken, initially fatigue is alleviated. Then, it will cause fatigue by the build up of pyruvic acid. This leads to the vicious cycle of thinking more and more thiamine is needed, resulting in more and more fatigue, along with other complaints. Why don't the Doctors know this? Because out of 127 Medical schools in our nation, only 22 of them mandate one course in nutrition. The Medical community is trained in sick care, not in preventative, holistic, wellness care through nature's pure food supplement solution. We all have come to the conclusion by now that our food source in today's market is failing us, deeply flawed, poisoned by pesticide controls, hybridized to infinity. Organic farming is under attack and has been compromised hugely.

Here is a sample of the author's research.

Vitamin A in synthetic form is made up of Acetate, retinal Palmate and beta carotene.
Vitamin A in Food based form is made up of Fish Oils, Liver and Carrot Powder

Vitamin B1 in synthetic form is made up of Thiamine HCL and Thiamine Mononitrate.
Vitamin B1 in Food based form is made up of Nutritional yeast.

Vitamin B3 in synthetic form is made up of Niacin.
Vitamin B3 in Food based form is made up of Nutritional yeast and liver.

Vitamin C in synthetic form is made up of Ascorbic Acid and Pycnogenols.
Vitamin C in Food based form is made up of Green leafy vegetables, Buckwheat juice and citrus.

** Synthetic Vitamin C has been known to have no effect on pneumonia, bronchitis or other pulmonary problems. Sufferers doing so, still show a low serum level of Vitamin C despite daily intake of the ascorbic acid pills. In fact, it reduces total white blood count and compromises the immune further.

Vitamin D in synthetic form is made up of Irradiated Ergosterol.
Vitamin D in Food based form is made up of Cholecalciferol and fish oil

Vitamin E in synthetic form is made up of d and dl-Alpha Tocopherol, and d-Alpha succinate.
Vitamin E in Food based form is made up of Wheat germ oil, Green leafy veg and Peavine plant.

It is known in the nutritional community that Vitamin E actually loses up to 99% of its potency when separated from its natural synergists. Laboratory control animals that were Vitamin E deficient that were fed the tocopherols died sooner than the animals that received nothing at all.

A study was made with silver foxes. They were fed a synthetic diet of all the known B vitamins. They did not grow, their fur deteriorated and finally they died. Another study group of silver foxes added yeast and liver with natural whole B complex. They grew normally and the quality of their fur and health improved.

The food based form is beautifully combined with Standard Process Products, long revered since 1929.

Dr. Royal Lee DDS ( see my earlier posts on his work) who created Standard Process in the early 20th Century said NO ONE source contain ALL the factors of a complete vitamin B complex. He lists 22 factors and synergists in his B complex. His work is mind boggling and at a deep molecular complexity.He was even able to include Vitamin B4, which he called the anti-paralysis factor. He said that a deficiency of Vitamin E could result in muscle degeneration of the heart and a deficiency of Vitamin B4 can cause a heart attack due to the degeneration of nerves in the heart muscle.

Remember, food processing of today destroys all complexes, but the hype is always telling us it is healthy and natural. Further, few people realize that most commercial antioxidants are produced in a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant. Too many synthetic antioxidants can cause fatigue and muscle weakness. But why on Earth would one think THAT was the culprit? It had to be something else and so the consumption continued.

Time Magazine reported that Hoffman-LaRouche, a big pharma conglomerate was building a plant in Freeport, Texas to turn out 350 tons of synthetic beta carotene enough to supply a six milligram capsule daily to every American adult every year of their lives. No truckloads of carrots going to that company.

Nutritional deficiences have begun to alter our genes. Dr. Royal Lee was one of the first to recognize this in 1929. Then the monumental work of Dr. Weston Price. In the 1940's his book was required reading by medical and dental schools. Now, nutrition is a forgotten child in those learning establishments.

We are not as strong as our ancestors. Just one example was that their wheat was consumed whole with bran and germ, while now, the bran and germ is fed to the livestock and we receive the cardboard residue in our flours. Does that amaze us? Isn't disease more prevalent? Do we not have more need for gluten free diets and is not autism on the rise?

The passionate work of the many Doctors of the past must not be ignored. They were visionaries and messengers.

There is so much more to know and connect with the innate intelligence of our miraculous biology. Nutritional Response Testing is the beginning of that journey.

Bettye Cart

Friday, June 21, 2013

I Am Breaking Down, Now What?

The first run to a Doctor or Emergency Room because you are breaking down, feeling the plug pulled, and the body's reserves not available, will result in most likely, a prescription for an antibiotic.

There may be some vital things you may not know about antibiotics. In my medical/nursing days I remembered telling my patients that the antibiotic assisted with their own antibodies in fighting disease. However, if the immune is compromised by other factors, the antibodies will be as well. And if antibiotics become a regular thing, what happens is that your own army of antibodies gets lazy and "will not get up off the couch like an unmotivated teenager".

Antibiotics act by violently stimulating the ADRENAL GLANDS that sit like a hat over our kidneys. This may clear a toxemia but if the adrenals are weak or depleted the problem runs chronic and recurring and thus the need for more and more antibiotics which perpetuate the problem.

I remember in my years in the hospital, we took cultures before ever administering an antibiotic. That culture sat in a petrie dish to see if the bacteria would respond to a certain antibiotic placed in the dish. In other words a validation was necessary before the patient received the medication.

We don't see that waiting period anymore. We see Doctors writing the prescription without cultures being taken. After all, the problem may be viral or fungal!

Here is a key description of Bacteria vs. Virus

Bacteria will show an increase in metabolic rate, body temperature warm, increase in perspiration, maybe some painful swelling if localized, urine ph will be acid, Increase in blood sugar, increase in white blood cells, mucus and congestion  and protein in urine.

Virus will have a decrease in metabolic rate, body could remain cool, patient may be sensitive to cold, general aches and pains, increase in globulin, decrease in blood sugar, decrease in white blood cells and patient feels weak and fatigued.

Now we have mutated viruses and bacteria can be found inside a virus and virus inside a bacteria. What we knew before has been modified. We see virus and bacteria co-habitating with symptomology and yet, antibiotics cannot target virus.
With resistant strains and MRSA and other forms of cellular disease, morphology of microbiology has changed. Those who pop the Z packs at will or take the antibiotic are in very high risk of immune suppressed illnesses. It can start early in childhood.

The goal is to raise one's immunity ( spleen and thymus glands) at whatever cost which may be changing food lifestyles in the home with family, taking immune building supplements, staying away from synthetic vitamins which compromise the kidney and create disruptors at the cell membrance and finding the right pure food supplements to enhance health. Nutrition is not just about eating. It is about maintaining a healthy body system to defend against the onslaught of a microbial changing world.

Bettye Cart

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Microwave Mania


Our microwave stopped working back in 2007. We opted not to ever fix it and sold our house with the broken microwave that lay dormant in the wall above the oven.

I personally remember seeing my first microwave as a young Campfire girl in 6th grade. Oh what an advanced appliance! I thought then I was entering the space age for sure. That was 1959.

In 1976, Russia banned microwave ovens because of their negative health consequences. After Perestroika in the early 1990's, the ban was lifted but here is what documented findings back in the 70's showed:

1. Microwaved foods lost 60-90% of their nutritional value and it also accelerates the structural disintegration of food.

2. Microwaving creates cancer-causing agents within milk and cereals.

3. Microwaving alters elemental food substances, causing digestive disorders.

4.It alters food chemistry which can lead to malfunctions in the lymphatic system, degenerating the body's ability to defend against cancerous growths.

5. Free radicals form because of the altered breakdown of elemental substances.

6. Microwaved foods caused stomach and intestinal cancerous growths and a gradual breakdown of the GI system.

7. It lowered the body's ability to utilize B Complex vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, essential minerals nad lipotropics.

8.It caused an alteration in the catabolic ( breakdown) behavior of glucoside, within frozen fruits thawed in this manner.

Microwaves heat food by causing waer molecules in it to resonate at very high frequencies that eventually turn to steam which heats the food while changing the chemical structure. Hot spots in the microwaved food can be hot enough to cause burns or build up a steam explosion. This was discovered when mothers heated baby bottles of formula and babies were burned.

Carcinogenic toxins leach out of the plastic and paper containers and covers into the food. One of the worst contaminants is BPA, an estrogen like compound used widely in plastics.

Back in the nineties, microwaves were used for warming blood transfusions.  A well publicized lawsuit showed how a woman died from such a transfusion because the blood product was damaged.

What about leakage? Studies from independent organizations showed that levels within the kitchen are likely to be significantly higher than from cell phone base stations.. Microwaves will travel through walls if the microwave is against an inside wall. One of these orgs is called Powerwatch. No one can say if the current regulations about leakage are truly safe and it is recommended for those who still use them to have the microwave emissions checked annually. Or you can purchase an inexpensive device that tests radiation in the home.

Step away from the oven while in use, because eyes are particularly susceptible to the radiation. High exposure has been known to cause cataracts.

2.4 GHz radiation is the same as Wifi routers. They have recent studies that the microwave frequency radiation affects the HEART at non-thermal levels according to Dr. Magda Havas of Trent University.

A study published in November 2003 issue of The Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture found that broccoli "zapped" lost up to 97% of its beneficial antioxidants. By comparison, steaming broccoli only loses 11%.

Garlic microwaved inactivated its allinase, which is the principle ingredient in garlic against cancer.

A Japanese study showed that 6 min of microwave heating turned 30-40% of the B12 in milk into a dead form.

Most of us already know that microwaved foods cook from the outside in, and the outer layers conduct the heat that cooks the food.

They have found that microwaving creates new compounds that are not found in humans or in nature called radiolytic compounds. Science has no idea what those compounds are doing to the human body.

So what about microwaves?
Science uses them in the field of gene altering technology to weaken cell membranes, thus breaking cells apart. Impaired cells then become easy prey for viruses, fungi and other toxic microorganisms.

People have reported symptoms of microwave sickness:
Insomnia, night sweats, sleep disturbance
Headaches and dizziness
Swollen lymph nodes and a weak immune system
Impaired cognition, depression and irritability
Nausea and appetite loss
Vision and eye problems

The Swiss food scientist , Hans Hertel was the first to see the effects of microwaving on the blood and physiology of humans. Along with Dr. Bernard Blanc of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and the University Institute for Biochemistry they concluded that microwave cooking leads to:
Increased cholesterol levels
Decreased white and red blood cells
Production of radiolytic compounds
Decreased Hemoglobin that could create anemia

A gag order was placed on these findings but later removed in 1998. Dr. Hertel wrote: "There are no atoms, molecules, or cells of any organic system able to withstand such a violent, destructive power for any period of time. This will happen even given the microwave oven's low power range of milliwatts."

To study further, there are writings, one being, Microwaving Our Planet by Arthur Firstenberg, president of the Cellular Phone Taskforce. Another, source is Penn State University 2001, "DNA and the Microwave Effect."

We have been without a microwave for over 6 years and do not miss it a bit. We purchased a portable convection oven from a very reputable kitchen boutique store that has worked beautifully. We still have a range and oven for major cooking. Our choice to eliminate all microwaving of food was strictly based on health concerns.

Bettye Cart

Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Ultimate Cleanse

We have heard for our entire adult life how important it is to do "a cleanse", to detox and until you have been in a place where you feel sick all over, this title does not translate as important enough.

The question will always be, "But how? Safely?"

I was reading a recent newsletter from Dr. Schultze, the grand daddy of intestinal cleanses who received his training from Dr. John Christopher and Dr. Knowles, a British herbalist. He also trained with Dr. Bernard Jensen, as my husband Dr. Cart, has. He studied with Dr. Paavo Airola, who both Dr. Larry and I studied data from back in the early days. Inside of 40 yrs, Dr. Schultze has done over 100 different detox cleansing programs from deep bowel, liver, kidney, lung and skin to various fasts and flushes. God bless you Dr. Schultze because we are all not equipped to run that mile. But with the help of a careful and knowledgeable Doctor who can monitor coupled with Advanced NRT, like Dr. Larry, a reasonable approach can be decided.

First and foremost, the human body has to be "able" to process a detox without it compromising organs at risk. We see the young ones at the gym who have the energy of Hercules do a quick cleanse with all their hyped up diets they extract from either their trainers or books they have read. I take issue with those who do detox's for weight loss because that is not the goal. Even detox teas have ingredients that can create turmoil if overloaded. Then the mid-lifers who are trying to get back their mo jo because the thyroid is failing or years of being constipated or inconsistent is catching up. We are a vessel for toxins and just like blood cells that must die off and renew themselves, we must follow suit.

A good rule of thumb is to study what the ancients did, or the well versed homeopathic clinics all over the world did for cleansing the body. lf it is not applied with discernment and a gentle approach, the big ship will eventually hit the iceberg it didn't see coming!

We know about the harmful waste and sludge that resides within our system from eating the wrong foods from the start. We know we have not exercised enough or at all to push the system to flush the lymph. We know about the deposits in organs and muscles that make us weary, slow, lazy and in pain.
When Dr. Larry tests, does he receives signals of toxins accumulating? That is a first validated sign. Then your symptoms are part of the overall evaluation. But remember, symptoms are the LAST to appear so keep that in mind.

Where do these toxins come from, really?

According to Dr. Schultze, he categorized it simply.

This creates metabolic waste and yes, we have very good armies inside of us that deal with that, but with toxic overload, it cannot do the job.
Are you constipated? ( our second brain is the intestines) Or is diarrhea your mode of operation? Do you only eliminate once in a while? If you do not every day, twice a day, you are backing up the toxins to other areas, including brain. Does your urine have an unnatural odor? Does your sweat have a foul odor? Are you plagued suddenly with skin problems?

Can you list them? Food #1. Did you know that the average American grocery cart has over 100 different highly toxic chemicals in it? Not talking about the actual steel carriage but what we put in it. Anything in a box, frozen or not that is not fresh produce.

Air #2. EPA did a study that inside the American home it is 70 times more polluted than outdoor air. Add toxic cleaners, detergents. If you have a housekeeper what does she use to clean? And why does she have to wear a mask sometimes or cover her face with a cloth?

Water#3. This is something we stress in our practice. The tap water drinking is one major problem, but showering without a chlorine filter that has a reasonable cost at your mega store, is like drinking 20 gallons of tap water.

Drugs#4. For those who must take a certain drug, there will always be a residue that remains in the cells and tissues for years, sometimes decades. Think about all those who have dumped their prescription drugs down the toilet. http://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/features/drugs-in-our-drinking-water

Heavy Metals #5. Mercury contamination from seafood consumption to old tooth fillings to childhood vaccines containing mercury. Remember our childhood being exposed to lead paint and Christmas tree tinsel? What about our exposure to X-rays, now CT scans which are 500 times more than an average Xray. http://www.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,1818520,00.html
Did you know that the average CT scan has the same radiation exposure of 442 chest films and leads to over 15,000 deaths every year? They have found it causes over 30,000 new cases of cancer annually. High heat. Remember, radiation accrues, so if you had alot of XRay as a child or young adult, it is still with you in your adult years.

Dr. Schultze had me chuckling about something even our young probably believe, that our body is like a 1950 Ford, a lung up here and a kidney down there and a bowel somewhere in the middle with lots of room. Wrong. The point is, he says, there is NO EXTRA SPACE in your body. If your bowel swells up due to constipation and gas pockets, then some other organ gets crushed ( compromised ). Everything takes the hit, lungs, heart, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, kidneys, adrenals, uterus or prostate. How often is referred pain? Very often! We have gone from only 10% of the population post world war II over the age of 45 who had colon problems ( diverticulitis) to now, almost 50% of the population over 45. I can well understand his passion for devoting a lifetime to educating people. Fiberless American junk food has been the main culprit.

Now that I have rattled your cage, if you are awake to this, please do not even give your family a treat of fast food. It is not a treat. I cannot remember when I had my last Carl's Jr. hamburger. I choose a well respected restaurant close to my home for a fabulous vegi burger that has fresh vegetables and beets, all homemade with unseasoned french fries for my treat. My next attempt is to make my own in the comfort of my kitchen. It is possible to make the changes that will prolong your life and your families lives.

Bettye Cart

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Goat Milk, An Ideal Food

Happy Valentines Day and no this is not a blog about chocolate or candies or cake. Dr. Cart was fortunate to be able to visit and stay at the Hidden Valley Health Ranch in Escondido decades ago that Dr. Bernard Jensen, D.C, world traveler and crusader for health, created as an educational haven for Doctors interested in following a path of nutrition. Dr. Jensen died in his nineties but we were both blessed by knowing him and his work. One of his great accomplishments was studying the idea of goat milk and goat products in our everyday life. Did you know a famous restaurant in Laguna Beach makes homemade goat's milk ice cream?

We have alot to share about goats so let us begin:
1. Goats milk digests in 20 min, whereas cows milk takes 2-3hrs to digest. Cow's milk fat globules are 5 times the size of goat's milk. If you pour goat's milk in a glass then pour it out again, you can see clearly through the glass. Cow's milk leaves a cloudy film on the glass. Goat's milk has 10 highly evolved fats for nerves and brain.
2. A sensitive stomach can use the high sodium content of goat milk. We call sodium the youth element because it maintains pliable joints. When sodium is deficient, symptoms occur such as rheumatism, burning or cold feet, swollen ankles, tender scalp, or ulcerations in the GI tract.
3. Goat's teeth do not decay because they have a high flourin content and it gives the teeth a hard coating. Flourin is successful in clearing mucus, helping with bones, teeth, nails, hair, arterial walls and skin. It is an antiseptic and combats anything that threatens the integrity of the bones, nails and membranes.
4. Black Mission figs and goat milk helps arthritic conditions.
5. Soaked dates in goat's milk is a wonderful combination for stomach ulcers.
6. Three-fifths of the world today live on goat's milk.
7. Goats are browsers and climbers and are fond of bark of trees, roots, and herbs. Cows graze.

8. Goat's do not get TB because of the high silicon in the milk. TB flourishes in cows that do not have that armor.
9. The reaction of goat milk is alkaline, the same as mother's milk. Cows milk gives an acid reaction.
10. Goat milk is high in chlorine, the great cleanser of the body, healing wounds and injuries, bloodstream and aiding heart function.
11. The Calcium in goat's milk builds and repairs bones, teeth, blood vessel walls, heartbeat, soothes nerves.
12. The zinc in goat's milk attacks respiratory disorders, helps prevent cardiac abnormalities, and neuralgia.
13. The phosphorus in goat's milk is essential to the brain. It also contains more vitamins than any other known food, i.e. 2000-3000 I.U. of Vitamin A, 400-500 units of Vitamin B, 30-50 units of Vitamin C, 6-12 units of Vitamin D and 35 units of Vitamin G.
14. The cholesterol in goat's milk is far superior for the human brain because of it's higher percentage of chemical salts.

The Western world is just beginning to be interested in goat's milk products whereas, the rest of the world that herds goats and eat's goat meat plentifully is way ahead of the game. I remember my parents telling me as they were European travelers for decades, that goat meat was always on the menu in restaurants and considered delicious.

We can now see because of the rampant epidemic of food allergies across the board, gastrointestinal ulcerations and conditions starting with our young, certain grocery establishments always have goat's milk products available. We have goat's cheeses, goat cheddar, goat gouda, goat brie etc. and we have a very delicious goat's yogurt. There are few people we have met that do not like goat's products and it is becoming very popular even among the babies and children.

In our practice over the many years, if a child showed readiness to stop breast milk or could not have that availability, goat's milk was suggested and the children thrived!

Consider your alternatives. You can increase your chances with dairy allergies, bloating and gas or live strong with goat's products. We need to catch up with the rest of civilization and enjoy the benefits!

excerpts taken from"Nature has a remedy" by Dr. Bernard Jensen

Bettye Cart