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Metal Toxicity

Keep in mind for those of you readers who have lived long enough to have amalgam dental fillings which included nickel and 50% Mercury (silver fillings), that the Mercury vapors emitted off the tooth came from (1)chewing and (2) a temperature of 99 degrees. Even if your body was at a normal 98.6 deg F, the chewing alone would bring it up to 99 degrees. This continues 1 1/2 hrs after chewing is stopped. Heated beverages increase the vapor.

Think of the huge numbers of dentists who have serious Mercury and Nickel poisoning. The vapors alone all day long had violated their health and it is thought by many, caused the high suicide rate among dentists.

Dr. Cart traveled across the U.S. to learn Nutrition Response Testing. One of his plane stops was Utah and a dentist climbed aboard. He also sought the help and wisdom of NRT and told his story of why. He knew he was very sick with Mercury poisoning and he wished to not only help himself but the many patients that followed his training. His guilt and regret was huge.

Mercury resides and nests in the body. if Mercury lives in the space between nerve impulses, a synapse cannot allow for the jump. This is what contributes to the deteriorated physical health and the many diseases that follow. We know Mercury can be found in pesticides ( how often has the garden been sprayed?), it is in hemorrhoid suppositories, water based paint, soft contact lens solutions, broken thermometers, fungicides, and remember merthiolate while many of us were growing up? It was in our medicine cabinets.

The question arises: How much Mercury does it take to create biologic destruction?

Answer: Very little. One part per million (ppm) will alter cell membrane function. O.2ppm stops cell growth.

If 1 mcgm is absorbed, it will take 70 days to several months to eliminate half of it. Meanwhile, more mcg are absorbed. Not all Mercury escaping a filling stays in vapor form; if it is on the surface of the filling it registers a negative electrical charge. In that state it is converted to the highly toxic methylmercury.

What are the forms of Mercury in the body?
Answer: There are three forms.

1. Vapor: absorbed via lungs, intestines and bloodstream and the primary target is Brain and Central Nervous system.
2. Ionic form ( 2 + charges) is the most destructive. Damage is usually found in Kidneys and Gastro-Intestinal tract.
3. Methylmercury ( organic ). Found in bacteria in the mouth and GI tract and bloodstream. Most deadly.

Mercury is toxic to the membranes and suppresses the immune system. If treated gently, carefully, and monitored closely, it can be eliminated.


Aluminum is found in the Earth's crust and atmospheric dust and in drinking water. Municipal water supplies are treated with aluminum sulfate and aluminum flouride. In this form, the two chemicals can combine easily in the blood and can pass through the body barriers. Aluminum flouride is poorly excreted in urine. ( This is the major metal of concern with Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Lou Gehrigs disease ( ALS), and dialysis dementia. It particularly affects bones, stomach and brain.

Where is Aluminum found and ingested?
Answer: pickles, baking powder ( aluminum free bp is everywhere now), pastries, maraschino cherries and did you know that formaldehyde is in there as well? Non-dairy creamers, plain table salt which also contains bleach and chlorine, processed cheeses, all antiacids, aluminum cookware, aluminum treated white flour, aluminum foil, tobacco smoke, artificial colorings and pesticides.


Lead is a toxic environmental pollutant. It is airborne in gasoline and industrial pollution which is why it is best to let the tank fill and get back in the car without breathing fumes. It is in lead based paint ( be careful of old vintage furniture), newsprint ( ever wonder why you sneeze holding the newspaper?), colored ads, hair dyes and rinses ( ask for aluminum free), bone meal supplements that are synthetic, dolomite, soft coal, leaded glass, pewter ware ( never eat or cook with this), improperly glazed pottery or dinnerware, batteries, cigarette smoke, pesticides, fertilizers, many cosmetics, rubber toys, dirt near garages, parks or empty lots. Old factories may contain large amounts of lead. Watch out for children putting dirt in their mouths (not funny). A child who eats dirt, licks screens or sucks on rocks may be anemic.


Alot of Nickel mines are now closed. One was near Dr. Cart's father's home and the creek near the land in Oregon. Another we knew about was Park City, Utah.

Nickel affects the auto-immune seriously. Bone, liver, kidneys, heart, pancreas, brain and nervous system. That covers alot. At any point of exposure it will affect such as skin ( contact dermatitis).

Where is Nickel found?
Answer: It is found in jewelry and commonly dental prosthetic devices. Newer ones contain 60-80% Nickel. Tobacco smoke, orthodontic appliances, auto truck exhaust, superphosphate fertilizers, Nickel and Cadmium batteries, hydrogenated fats and oils, acid foods like tomatoes in a can.


Cadmium inhibits many enzymes, nutrients, and metabolic reactions. It increases blood pressure, contributes to kidney and liver damage, can create anemia, chronic bronchitis and emphysema and osteoporosis. We find it in air, food and water. We find it in industrial waste, auto exhaust ( roll up those windows in freeway traffic), cigarette smoke, white flour, white rice and seafood, rubber carpet backings, sewage sludge, rubber tires, welding and paint. Especially oil paint.

*Note: A watercolor instructor of Bettye's, who was President of the Watercolor Society told her she had to stop oils after three admissions to the hospital with respiratory problems.

Cadmium affects lungs, liver, kidneys, heart, blood vessels, brain, appetite and pain centers.

Many of the above metals affect memory, blood counts and can create learning disabilities, headaches, anxiety, depression, loose teeth, GI disturbances and tremors. Metals can be eliminated using the right methods and the safest approach through testing and remedies. No chelation involved. Children respond well.

When a study revealed that mercury in childhood vaccines may
have caused autism in thousands of kids, the government rushed
to conceal the data -- and to prevent parents from suing drug
companies for their role in the epidemic.
by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

There are thousands of websites, blogs and info regarding Mercury in the vaccines. The controversy is ongoing. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. took a banner against Mercury back in 2005. He cited in his documents THEN, that more than 500,000 kids suffer from autism ( that is in the millions now) and over 40,000 new kids every year are identified by pediatricians. We know that figure has risen exponentially.

Autism had been unknown until 1943. Eleven children born after Eli Lilly's Thimerosal ( Mercury preservative) in the baby vaccines in 1931 were diagnosed ( those kids were 12 yrs old). Russia banned Thimerosal decades ago from baby vaccines, then Denmark, Austria, Japan, Great Britain, and the Scandanavian countries followed. Yet, the US did not.

In 1982, the FDA banned over the counter products containing Thimerosal. In 1991 it was banned in animal vaccines after the dogs became violently ill. Tragically, the CDC still injected our infants along with Hepatitis B ( within 24 hrs of birth) and Haemophilus influaezae B, DPT all within 2 mos of birth.

*Note: The Amish community do not accept vaccines. Studies have proven no autism exists there. They did find 4 children with high levels of Mercury, one from living near a power plant and three others were adopted into the society that were vaccinated prior. There is rising autism in India, Argentina, Nicaragua where Thimerosal laced vaccines were given. The WHO continues to insist it is safe.

This is a cursory example and more countries across the globe continue to be vaccinated, poisoning our young developing bodies and brains. A curse worse than the supposed cure.

Bettye Cart

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