Sunday, September 16, 2012

We Live and Die at the Cellular Level Part 1

We think we were born perfect. People told us what a perfect baby we were, growing up to follow the hard and fast rules of family and society, especially the antiquated basic food groups. We thought we were models of our age group.

Later, we got the usual childhood diseases or vaccines, then the antibiotics for the frequent breakdowns. As we inched toward adulthood, fad foods, fad diets and dependence on certain substances drew our attention. In college we wolfed down donuts and coffee and pizza's and lost hours of sleep. True stress of the reality kind hit after we had to make money to live. I lived on chili dogs at Weinerschnitzel, what about you?

Did we care a hoot about what our DNA was doing with all these hits? No. But as time marched along, little annoyances grew to big annoyances and we lost the energy we once had as sweet young things.

Then we started opening emails, picking up magazines, searching the internet and reading about health issues. Yet we still hadn't a clue. Flesh and blood body changes and antioxidants and then you die. It was like a church going moral upright citizen of the world waiting on the Lord. What we didn't think too hard about would take care of itself. God would provide.

God DID provide and gave us the miraculous body system, a replica of the quantum Universe and the brain power to figure it out. After all, the Universe does not just stay stationary and useless. It challenges itself to repair and restore and be in a constant flux of change to renew itself. Nothing is temporary and nothing is permanent.

Did you know that the human genome contains massive information, so much so that it took the world's most powerful computers to map it out? We learned about a key element with the life code. In order to have health, our bodies choose to express different facets of this code and leave other facets unexpressed. The prime directive of the body is to adapt and survive. If we pump inferior gas into our car, it will give us problems. If we feed inferior food to our biologic system, it will also create problems.  We are not machines.

Often people say, oh, my parents or grandparents had this disease so it runs in my bloodline. Such a myth ignores the quantum physics success stories of how alternative methods of healing have a gift horse offering. It isn't entirely about how we think, how our emotions change our biochemistry. We need to be active participants in how we care for our bodies. We need to stand back and look at the grander picture. What is the environment feeding me? Do I live near power towers, military training grounds, heavily sprayed orchards, in a home with mold or water leaks, or near a lake or waterway where toxic chemicals were poured from an industrial site? Do you still use standard pesticides to kill insects around your home? Chemicals in your pool? Are your cleaning products not eco-friendly?  Have you put a chlorine filter on your shower head and found ways to filter your tap water? Do you live near a railroad? Have you used the highly toxic cadmium oil paints for your artwork?
Do you live near an old closed down mine? ( my father-in-law did) And how many times are you flying on an airplane? The list is growing and I couldn't possibly address it all.

We have to be increasingly aware of all the hidden mine fields that would disrupt our life code.

There is more to share, more to know and this will be the beginning of a series.

Bettye Cart with excerpts from Mitochondrial Biogenesis, a more effective method to increase life-energy for healing by Dr. Jack Tips/Systemic Formulas

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