Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Key Reasons for AutoImmune Disease in the 21st Century

This particular article from Systemic Formulas Research Paper # 10 stopped me. It listed ten major components of why, how, where we were influenced in creating this horrifying disease process. We believe it is the crux and the base for disease, incurable or reversible. But what it will take to reverse damage, like a house that has been burned down, or a car that has been totaled in a wreck or a terrain that had been a war zone. We use these examples to drive the point home. If we could see what true upset goes on in a human body . . .

1. Chronic Cellular Inflammation

The cause would be free radical damage to the mitochondria and nuclear DNA, environmental toxicity ( i.e. heavy metals), processed foods, Electromagnetic fields, biotoxins (i.e. molds), sugar and aspartame consumption.  What happens? excessive immunological activity that impedes healthy cell performance.

2. LeakyGut/Brain Syndrome

The Enteric Nervous System (intestines) activates cytokines ( a group of signaling molecules for intercellular communication) thoughout the body that raise the immune activity level allowing more collateral damage, caused by:
  1. overconsumption of  grains
  2. overuse of antibiotics
  3. dysbiosis (http://www.womentowomen.com/digestionandgihealth/dysbiosis.asp)
  4. GMO foods
  5. impaired neuro-endocrine regulation and neurotransmitters due to zonulin opening in intestine barrier as well as blood/brain barrier. (zonulin is a protein that modulates the permeability of tight junctions between cells of the wall of digestive tract. Thus we have gluten sensitivity, celiac and other digestive disorders)
3. Cell Membrane Degradation

Inflammatory processes, heavy metals, chemicals, plastics, trans fats, pathogens and biotoxins ( mold and candida). The cell membranes become inflamed and fail to receive hormone messengers, and struggle with free radical damage. Did you know that we have over 600 hormones in the body to perform critical tasks?

4. Pathogen Proliferation

This comes on the tail of metabolic wastes, becoming more toxic, Electromagnetic frequencies, ElectroMagnetic fields such as cell phones, Wifi, microwave, radar, smart meters etc. There is global radiation.

5. GMO Foods

Big topic. See http://www.nongmoshoppingguide.com  Too many to list, however, corn, soy, beet sugars, alfafa, Hawaiian papaya, meats and now we know zucchini and yellow crookneck squash are also sprayed heavily with Roundup. All lead to leaky gut. See video link posted on this blog for video trailer.

6. Glucose Metabolism Dysregulation

Overconsumption of inflamed driven sugar and HFCS products causing insulin resistance, which all are linked with heart disease, obesity, Alzheimers and Diabetes.

7. Limited Food Variations

Eating the same things over and over. Wheat, milk and starch are the big culprits. This causes increased allergenic reactivity. The human body requires huge variety of phyto-molecular input from plants and herbs.

8. Low Thyroid Function

Low basal metabolism increases cellular toxicity, decreased liver function, increased immune activity. When the metabolism is slowed, detoxification is slowed and cells become hormone resistant. Low thyroid function is often an effect of a toxic environment, coupled with inadequate iodine, selenium, fatty acids and anti-oxidant nutrients.

9. Confused Immune System

  1. Leaky gut molecules enter bloodstream needing immediate immune response from leukocytes to digest them.
  2. Vaccinations confuse with unnatural multiple diseases, requiring wide immunological action in the body.
  3. Altered cell membranes that contain heavy metals and transfats need leukotriene immune activity to fight the cells attacking.
  4. Free radical damages to cell membranes raise a warning flag.
  5. Antibiotics, whether right or wrong, interrupt the normal cascade of immunological response to pathogens.
  6. Biofilms hide pathogens ( they are the waste of microbes and create a film that clogs)
  7. Allergies and Environmental toxins keep the immune system overworked.
10. Last but not least

Interpretation of the toxic environment forces our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, attitudes to be evaluated. Our encounters with our fellow humans, peace, wars, love, trust, mistrust, calm, strife, stress, all the gestalt of human adaptability which is the basis of survival.

We are not too old, too young, too ignorant, too smart, too lazy to ignore what is going on with our immune systems. It is the pinnacle of wisdom in those indigenous tribes who live long beyond our own years, maybe it is the acknowledgement of our own innate intelligence speaking volumes to us about what to do, what not to do. It is our spirit raising the flag about gullibility or fear or disdain or acceptance. What is it telling us?

Bettye Cart and the Scientists of Systemic Formulas et al

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