Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Is it Dementia or is it Alzheimer's Disease?

There is a neighbor two doors down who caretakes an old man; a man who continually forgets he has met us on his walks. He needs full supervised care 24/7. The caretaker insists it is dementia, not Alzheimer's, even though he is prone to swinging of the arms in angry fits.

When I taught nursing students back in the eighties, we visited the Motion Picture Health facility and they had just constructed a special area for Alzheimer patients. We viewed the outdoor garden, waist high, where the patients could soothe their hands in sandboxes. We viewed the aviary where chirping birds helped to quell their nerves. Pictures of themselves adorned their own rooms. Thinking back, it was about dementia in all my own training. No one had coined the term Alzheimer's yet. Just as no one had coined the term AIDS yet when we cared for patients diagnosed with Fever of Unknown Origin in Isolation. I don't really know if we have come very far. It seems we just have new names for what has always existed.

My own research revealed this. Dementia progresses slowly over time. The research says it is the result of maybe infections or side effects of medications and metabolic disturbances. Dementia grows worse with age. And Alzheimers does not? Alzheimer's scientists say it results from an increase in the production or accumulation of a specific beta-amyloid protein in the brain that leads to nerve cell death. They like to pin Alzheimer's to an age factor 65-85. That surprises me, since we know people personally who have been diagnosed in their early fifties.

Whatever the name, the cause points to brain toxicity resulting from body toxicity. Both have no cure and more medication is given.

Like all incurable atrocities on our planet, the only knowledge we have is to prevent it's beginnings. But how? Firstly, even if your parent or grandparent had it, even though the propensity to make you an heir via the familial genome distortion, why would you not take steps to de-tox your body gently of all metals, toxins, parasites, chemicals and nourish your system with micronutrients and a healthy lifestyle? Why would you take any of this lying down and worrying yourself into that gloom of horror? It is possible that toxicity is carried across to the placenta and that poor food choices fed to us during our childhood is a hand-me-down. We could have lived in environments or homes or land that was chemically toxic. None of that certifies you will live a short life if you can take steps to strengthen your life.

We associate Aluminum for instance with brain toxicity and the diseases that result. Autopsies on Alzheimer patients have revealed up to four times aluminum found in the nerve cells of the brain, especially in the hippocampus which plays a central role in memory.

Are you checking where we even get exposed to that?

Cookware, antacids( and there are aluminum free of those now), anti-diarrheal products, buffered aspirin ( contains up to 88 mg of aluminum hydroxide) over the counter pain meds and anti-inflammatory meds, foil containers for food, aluminum coated waxed containers like OJ and other juices, deodorants and antiperspirants, douches even contain aluminum salts, food additives ( cake mixes and frozen doughs, processed cheese), anti-dandruff shampoos contain magnesium aluminum silicate. Lauryl sulfate ( foaming properties) in dental products like toothpastes and shampoos. Aluminum Foil!!!

What we can do:
Get back to our micronutrients: vegetable juicing or vegetable smoothies.
Use stainless steel, glass or cast iron cookware.
Buy organic vegetables because unless the soil is clean of aluminum it leeches through the vegies. This is seen in radishes, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, green and black tea, coffee.
Buy only Aluminum free baking soda. Normal has 70 mg AL.
Do not buy soda or beer in aluminum cans.
Have Dr. Cart check you for Aluminum Toxicity through Nutritional Response Testing. Easy enough to find.

Symptoms of Aluminum Toxicity do mimic Alzheimer's. Colic, GI symptoms ( interfering with the metabolism of calcium) extreme nervousness, anemia, headaches, decreased liver and kidney function ( aluminum is excreted by kidneys), memory loss, speech problems, softening of the bones and aching muscles.

Find out if your municipal waters are treated with aluminum sulfate and aluminum flouride( which is poorly excreted, thus accumulates in our body).

Just because aluminum is one of the most abundant metallic elements in our air, soil and water does not mean we forget to put up parameters in our digestive tracts.

Isn't this the time to be the captain of your own ship?

Bettye Cart

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