Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Key Reasons for AutoImmune Disease in the 21st Century

This particular article from Systemic Formulas Research Paper # 10 stopped me. It listed ten major components of why, how, where we were influenced in creating this horrifying disease process. We believe it is the crux and the base for disease, incurable or reversible. But what it will take to reverse damage, like a house that has been burned down, or a car that has been totaled in a wreck or a terrain that had been a war zone. We use these examples to drive the point home. If we could see what true upset goes on in a human body . . .

1. Chronic Cellular Inflammation

The cause would be free radical damage to the mitochondria and nuclear DNA, environmental toxicity ( i.e. heavy metals), processed foods, Electromagnetic fields, biotoxins (i.e. molds), sugar and aspartame consumption.  What happens? excessive immunological activity that impedes healthy cell performance.

2. LeakyGut/Brain Syndrome

The Enteric Nervous System (intestines) activates cytokines ( a group of signaling molecules for intercellular communication) thoughout the body that raise the immune activity level allowing more collateral damage, caused by:
  1. overconsumption of  grains
  2. overuse of antibiotics
  3. dysbiosis (http://www.womentowomen.com/digestionandgihealth/dysbiosis.asp)
  4. GMO foods
  5. impaired neuro-endocrine regulation and neurotransmitters due to zonulin opening in intestine barrier as well as blood/brain barrier. (zonulin is a protein that modulates the permeability of tight junctions between cells of the wall of digestive tract. Thus we have gluten sensitivity, celiac and other digestive disorders)
3. Cell Membrane Degradation

Inflammatory processes, heavy metals, chemicals, plastics, trans fats, pathogens and biotoxins ( mold and candida). The cell membranes become inflamed and fail to receive hormone messengers, and struggle with free radical damage. Did you know that we have over 600 hormones in the body to perform critical tasks?

4. Pathogen Proliferation

This comes on the tail of metabolic wastes, becoming more toxic, Electromagnetic frequencies, ElectroMagnetic fields such as cell phones, Wifi, microwave, radar, smart meters etc. There is global radiation.

5. GMO Foods

Big topic. See http://www.nongmoshoppingguide.com  Too many to list, however, corn, soy, beet sugars, alfafa, Hawaiian papaya, meats and now we know zucchini and yellow crookneck squash are also sprayed heavily with Roundup. All lead to leaky gut. See video link posted on this blog for video trailer.

6. Glucose Metabolism Dysregulation

Overconsumption of inflamed driven sugar and HFCS products causing insulin resistance, which all are linked with heart disease, obesity, Alzheimers and Diabetes.

7. Limited Food Variations

Eating the same things over and over. Wheat, milk and starch are the big culprits. This causes increased allergenic reactivity. The human body requires huge variety of phyto-molecular input from plants and herbs.

8. Low Thyroid Function

Low basal metabolism increases cellular toxicity, decreased liver function, increased immune activity. When the metabolism is slowed, detoxification is slowed and cells become hormone resistant. Low thyroid function is often an effect of a toxic environment, coupled with inadequate iodine, selenium, fatty acids and anti-oxidant nutrients.

9. Confused Immune System

  1. Leaky gut molecules enter bloodstream needing immediate immune response from leukocytes to digest them.
  2. Vaccinations confuse with unnatural multiple diseases, requiring wide immunological action in the body.
  3. Altered cell membranes that contain heavy metals and transfats need leukotriene immune activity to fight the cells attacking.
  4. Free radical damages to cell membranes raise a warning flag.
  5. Antibiotics, whether right or wrong, interrupt the normal cascade of immunological response to pathogens.
  6. Biofilms hide pathogens ( they are the waste of microbes and create a film that clogs)
  7. Allergies and Environmental toxins keep the immune system overworked.
10. Last but not least

Interpretation of the toxic environment forces our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, attitudes to be evaluated. Our encounters with our fellow humans, peace, wars, love, trust, mistrust, calm, strife, stress, all the gestalt of human adaptability which is the basis of survival.

We are not too old, too young, too ignorant, too smart, too lazy to ignore what is going on with our immune systems. It is the pinnacle of wisdom in those indigenous tribes who live long beyond our own years, maybe it is the acknowledgement of our own innate intelligence speaking volumes to us about what to do, what not to do. It is our spirit raising the flag about gullibility or fear or disdain or acceptance. What is it telling us?

Bettye Cart and the Scientists of Systemic Formulas et al

We Live and Die at the Cellular Level Part 2

We saw this article on the internet. Inorganic arsenic was previously found in apple and grape juices ( Dr. Oz brought to our attention) Then it was found in water, cereal bars, baby food and chicken. Now it is rice. Significant amounts even in some organic brands. The FDA has called for federal standards on rice. Consumer reports say that boiling rice in a 6 to 1 ratio removes about 30% of the arsenic. They recommend children under five should not be drinking rice drinks.

That said, we as consumers need to keep tabs on what is going on here. Where do we get our rice? India? China? Philippines? Indonesia? Is it part of the Monsanto sprayed groups? Isn't rice grown in water? So arsenic is found naturally in water, air, soil and now food. The important thing to remember it  can be in one of two forms; organic or inorganic. Organic can pass through the body and still let us live to tell. Inorganic resides in pesticides and insecticides and that is the chemical poisoner.

We just treated one of our many patients who was diligent about his food choices yet his diagnostics proved he was struggling. We found he was not sleeping and had his house sprayed outside with pesticides. We had to remedy the situation and alert him to ways he can organically use eco friendly means to stop the insects. This kind of onslaught feeds the brain and cripples the body. Common sense must prevail! We are living in a toxic age where all the ways we used to do things are no longer serving us. We no longer need the classic advertised laundry detergents and fabric softeners or soaps. We can make the changes for our health and our families health. There are plenty of stores that support the eco friendly products.

We bring all this to the attention of our readers because everyday the question is posed, what IS safe?

Heavy metals and chemicals are slipped into our everyday products, products we used to feel safe with. While we were being "comforted", our bodies went through inflammation and cell damage and began a never-ending cycle of autoimmune response. We thought it was always something we caught, or our parents gave us genetically or we worked so hard under stress, must be that.

When under autoimmune attack our intestinal inflammation gets hit hard, there is free radicals that are perpetually damaging the cells, pathogens now have a breeding ground and micronutrients are deficient because we are under duress with work, kids, families and eat out alot or take on the fast food track. I shudder to think who is handling my food in the back kitchen now. Long ago I stopped eating at salad bars for that very reason, now the idea of kitchen help without gloves, who are sick themselves or dropping food on the floor and plating it or buying inferior products to serve is enough to make me cook my own food - at whatever cost. I know people who bring food home from the restaurant and let it sit in the car for however long.

Auto immune diseases, by the way, start in the intestinal lining. To quote from the Systemic Formula Science Report#9 " When the body was developing before birth, two nervous systems were created out of the same tissue. (1) The Brain and Central Nervous System and (2) Enteric Nervous system. These two systems are connected via the vagus nerve ( 10th cranial nerve) and influence each other. This is how stress and worry interfere with digestion and how digestive upsets can affect mood and hormones thoughout the body. The Enteric Nervous system is the "second brain" and communicates with the first brain between your ears. It carries bioenergetic and biochemical messages from the probiotics, fibers, herbs, and plants you consume about HOW to regulate optimal health.

Epigenetics is a term used freely now. It is the study of changes in the gene expression or cellular phenotype caused by mechanisms other than changes in the underlying DNA sequence. Epi is Greek for over, above, outer. It tells the story of how everything influencing our health outside our body dominates. Is it Big Pharma? Heavy metals? Toxins? GMO Foods? Pollution in any form like mold, fumigations, sprays, air quality ( i.e. chemtrails), water even in the ocean that carries toxic material, living near a nuclear plant or power towers etc. Get the point? To determine all the causes of our problems, this should be addressed. Find a practitioner who does not pass this off as foolishness. We have had too many scientists and researchers and parents and educators who have experience and have written enough material on the subject to get our attention. Do we choose to watch the videos and read the real material or do we listen shaking our head to news reports on television saying not so bad?

Dr. Cart is actively concerned and is continually engaged in study about the DNA methylation and histone modification, both serving to regulate gene expression without altering the underlying DNA sequence. This has got HIS attention to cellular health and mitochondrial health of the cell.

His quote: "Mitochondria are the energy factories. If they don't produce enough energy, the cell will not perform properly and this can lead to chronic degenerative and auto immune diseases."

Bettye and Dr. Larry Cart

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Genetic Roulette

Click the youtube link for the two minute trailer:

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/WscmtqG9bo4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

We Live and Die at the Cellular Level Part 1

We think we were born perfect. People told us what a perfect baby we were, growing up to follow the hard and fast rules of family and society, especially the antiquated basic food groups. We thought we were models of our age group.

Later, we got the usual childhood diseases or vaccines, then the antibiotics for the frequent breakdowns. As we inched toward adulthood, fad foods, fad diets and dependence on certain substances drew our attention. In college we wolfed down donuts and coffee and pizza's and lost hours of sleep. True stress of the reality kind hit after we had to make money to live. I lived on chili dogs at Weinerschnitzel, what about you?

Did we care a hoot about what our DNA was doing with all these hits? No. But as time marched along, little annoyances grew to big annoyances and we lost the energy we once had as sweet young things.

Then we started opening emails, picking up magazines, searching the internet and reading about health issues. Yet we still hadn't a clue. Flesh and blood body changes and antioxidants and then you die. It was like a church going moral upright citizen of the world waiting on the Lord. What we didn't think too hard about would take care of itself. God would provide.

God DID provide and gave us the miraculous body system, a replica of the quantum Universe and the brain power to figure it out. After all, the Universe does not just stay stationary and useless. It challenges itself to repair and restore and be in a constant flux of change to renew itself. Nothing is temporary and nothing is permanent.

Did you know that the human genome contains massive information, so much so that it took the world's most powerful computers to map it out? We learned about a key element with the life code. In order to have health, our bodies choose to express different facets of this code and leave other facets unexpressed. The prime directive of the body is to adapt and survive. If we pump inferior gas into our car, it will give us problems. If we feed inferior food to our biologic system, it will also create problems.  We are not machines.

Often people say, oh, my parents or grandparents had this disease so it runs in my bloodline. Such a myth ignores the quantum physics success stories of how alternative methods of healing have a gift horse offering. It isn't entirely about how we think, how our emotions change our biochemistry. We need to be active participants in how we care for our bodies. We need to stand back and look at the grander picture. What is the environment feeding me? Do I live near power towers, military training grounds, heavily sprayed orchards, in a home with mold or water leaks, or near a lake or waterway where toxic chemicals were poured from an industrial site? Do you still use standard pesticides to kill insects around your home? Chemicals in your pool? Are your cleaning products not eco-friendly?  Have you put a chlorine filter on your shower head and found ways to filter your tap water? Do you live near a railroad? Have you used the highly toxic cadmium oil paints for your artwork?
Do you live near an old closed down mine? ( my father-in-law did) And how many times are you flying on an airplane? The list is growing and I couldn't possibly address it all.

We have to be increasingly aware of all the hidden mine fields that would disrupt our life code.

There is more to share, more to know and this will be the beginning of a series.

Bettye Cart with excerpts from Mitochondrial Biogenesis, a more effective method to increase life-energy for healing by Dr. Jack Tips/Systemic Formulas

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Is it Dementia or is it Alzheimer's Disease?

There is a neighbor two doors down who caretakes an old man; a man who continually forgets he has met us on his walks. He needs full supervised care 24/7. The caretaker insists it is dementia, not Alzheimer's, even though he is prone to swinging of the arms in angry fits.

When I taught nursing students back in the eighties, we visited the Motion Picture Health facility and they had just constructed a special area for Alzheimer patients. We viewed the outdoor garden, waist high, where the patients could soothe their hands in sandboxes. We viewed the aviary where chirping birds helped to quell their nerves. Pictures of themselves adorned their own rooms. Thinking back, it was about dementia in all my own training. No one had coined the term Alzheimer's yet. Just as no one had coined the term AIDS yet when we cared for patients diagnosed with Fever of Unknown Origin in Isolation. I don't really know if we have come very far. It seems we just have new names for what has always existed.

My own research revealed this. Dementia progresses slowly over time. The research says it is the result of maybe infections or side effects of medications and metabolic disturbances. Dementia grows worse with age. And Alzheimers does not? Alzheimer's scientists say it results from an increase in the production or accumulation of a specific beta-amyloid protein in the brain that leads to nerve cell death. They like to pin Alzheimer's to an age factor 65-85. That surprises me, since we know people personally who have been diagnosed in their early fifties.

Whatever the name, the cause points to brain toxicity resulting from body toxicity. Both have no cure and more medication is given.

Like all incurable atrocities on our planet, the only knowledge we have is to prevent it's beginnings. But how? Firstly, even if your parent or grandparent had it, even though the propensity to make you an heir via the familial genome distortion, why would you not take steps to de-tox your body gently of all metals, toxins, parasites, chemicals and nourish your system with micronutrients and a healthy lifestyle? Why would you take any of this lying down and worrying yourself into that gloom of horror? It is possible that toxicity is carried across to the placenta and that poor food choices fed to us during our childhood is a hand-me-down. We could have lived in environments or homes or land that was chemically toxic. None of that certifies you will live a short life if you can take steps to strengthen your life.

We associate Aluminum for instance with brain toxicity and the diseases that result. Autopsies on Alzheimer patients have revealed up to four times aluminum found in the nerve cells of the brain, especially in the hippocampus which plays a central role in memory.

Are you checking where we even get exposed to that?

Cookware, antacids( and there are aluminum free of those now), anti-diarrheal products, buffered aspirin ( contains up to 88 mg of aluminum hydroxide) over the counter pain meds and anti-inflammatory meds, foil containers for food, aluminum coated waxed containers like OJ and other juices, deodorants and antiperspirants, douches even contain aluminum salts, food additives ( cake mixes and frozen doughs, processed cheese), anti-dandruff shampoos contain magnesium aluminum silicate. Lauryl sulfate ( foaming properties) in dental products like toothpastes and shampoos. Aluminum Foil!!!

What we can do:
Get back to our micronutrients: vegetable juicing or vegetable smoothies.
Use stainless steel, glass or cast iron cookware.
Buy organic vegetables because unless the soil is clean of aluminum it leeches through the vegies. This is seen in radishes, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, green and black tea, coffee.
Buy only Aluminum free baking soda. Normal has 70 mg AL.
Do not buy soda or beer in aluminum cans.
Have Dr. Cart check you for Aluminum Toxicity through Nutritional Response Testing. Easy enough to find.

Symptoms of Aluminum Toxicity do mimic Alzheimer's. Colic, GI symptoms ( interfering with the metabolism of calcium) extreme nervousness, anemia, headaches, decreased liver and kidney function ( aluminum is excreted by kidneys), memory loss, speech problems, softening of the bones and aching muscles.

Find out if your municipal waters are treated with aluminum sulfate and aluminum flouride( which is poorly excreted, thus accumulates in our body).

Just because aluminum is one of the most abundant metallic elements in our air, soil and water does not mean we forget to put up parameters in our digestive tracts.

Isn't this the time to be the captain of your own ship?

Bettye Cart

Always question the source of information. The Truth on the planet has been transformed into mythology with the passage of time and has slipped further into fantasy and absurdity. ---author unknown