Monday, August 13, 2012

Why Butter is Better than Margarine

I came across some poignant material from the Weston Price Foundation. Dr. Price was a dentist from the late 1880's and died a year after I was born. It was 1930 when his dental research shifted radically to nutrition. To this day, journals and research and scientists in nutrition laude his work. The following material I post will be from his work.


I always loved butter ever since my father brought home hot Italian bread and real butter to spread it right. I admit now it was the bread not the butter that made me seek a better health regimen. My Mom was the one who bought the Imperial margarine and we were compelled to use that in baking. That dichotomy forced me to choose the better flavor, butter. When six children had to be fed, we grabbed what was available. Age teaches us a more educated approach.

What I learned later was how nutritious butter was. It contains many nutrients that protect against heart disease for starts. Vitamin A, D, K and E, lecithin, iodine, selenium. The Vitamin A, D, and K are essential for calcium and phosphorus absorption and that translates to thyroid health as well because of the iodine. Butter is creamed in the high mountainous regions because they have a deficiency for fish, so the butter protects against goiter. Glycospinolipids in butterfat protects against gastro-intestinal infections.The fatty acids in butter have strong anti-tumor effects. Back in my era, cows grazed on grass and those were the cows that offered conjugated linoleic acid ( CLA) for excellent protection against cancerous tumors. I also learned about the anti-stiffness factor, protecting against calcification in joints. Here was something of worth to know. If you took a calf and fed it pastuerized milk, they do NOT thrive and they develop joint stiffness. Then why give it to humans?

Margarine is fake but we didn't know any better as children in the fifties and sixties. It is unnatural because it is partially hydrogenated. Now we know about the transfats contributing to disease. Simply put, the fat turns liquid vegetable oil into solid fat. That was in our body!

Margarine also has free radicals  because of the toxic breakdown products through high temperature processing. More disease.

The Vitamins are now synthetic, especially A and has an opposite and detrimental effect on our biology.

They add emulsifiers and preservatives; hexane and solvents for the extraction process. Chemical toxicity.

Worse, they bleach it because partially hydrogenated vegetable oil is a grey color. So yellow coloring added for purchase.

Artificial flavors , mono and diglycerides which also have trans fats, soy protein isolate which contributes to thyroid dysfunction and digestive disorders.

Sterols are in there which adds another whole set of complex factors. These are cholesterol lowering qualities but really are estrogen compounds, causing endocrine problems.

There it is. All the nuances of products touting their low fat and low caloric lab created butters which are not real have people shopping for less quality producing more toxicity.

We just need to get back to basics, a simpler way of eating like our great grandparents. Extra virgin olive oil, organic refined coconut oil, and butter add the better quality fat to cooking. You don't have to use butter like Paula Deen used to, all in small portions and in moderation.

Be wise.

Bettye Cart

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