Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ways Sugar can make your life Bitter!

Oh, how we need our fix! A candy bar, a brownie, an ice cream cone or more simply, sugar in our hot or cold drink. We try to ignore the secret amounts of sugar in a gluten free cookie we buy at the market. We love our fruit and do not place all the yummy juicy sweetness in the same category, after all, its nutrient rich! Are we addicted?

The Down side of Sugar Free
At the risk of sounding politically partisan which I am not, we can all thank Rumsfield for aspartame. That was his pet project long ago to control the market of sugar-free. Look forward to my future post on the dangers of aspartame.

Sucrolose? The final product contains heavy metals like arsenic, triphenil phosphine oxide, methanol, chlorinated disaccharides and momosaccharides.

Saccharine ( Sweet and Low) is 300-500 times sweeter than sugar and Nutrasweet ( Equal) is good old aspartame, 150-200 times sweeter than sugar. All very toxic, especially neurotoxic.

Splenda is not all excreted from the body; it is similar to DDT chemical. Fat soluable DDT remains in the body for decades.

Interestingly, organic honey does not decay or attack the teeth if raw, unfiltered is used because of the processing to its basics. Use in small amounts. Keep the raw, unfiltered in your cupboard, excellent for treating burns as well.

Xylitol is made from corn and birch and if there is a sensitivity to corn, it may create a reaction.

Agave is from cactus and is sweeter than sugar and low glycemic. Excellent for diabetics but again, small amounts.

We discovered a great alternative to processed sugar. Coconut palm sugar. It is crystallized coconut and has a brown sugar look and taste. The sap from the coconut tree is used from the flower bud ( very nutritious that feeds the coconut) that will eventually form a coconut.  Sadly, that tree then, will not produce coconuts that are used to make coconut oil or flour; it becomes a temporary sacrificial event. Later, it can. Coconut palm sugar is low glycemic. Quality of taste may vary as to what tree the sap is collected from. There are dwarf trees ( 5 yrs) as opposed to the 10 yr tree that are being planted in the Phillipines to sustain the demanding production for the sugars. We have found this product in various health food stores, Fresh and Easy and Whole Foods.

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