Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Magic Pill


Everyone is looking for a magic pill. Quick fix for the lengthy wretchedness of body and mind. Our medical module has set the precedent and to unchange that thinking takes education and introspection. Do we really believe we can undo damage to the physical body at the snap of a finger? You would be surprised how many mature, scholared patients have told us that. Their lives are too busy to worry about their health unless it goes to the edge. Diagnosed disease begins decades before it appears. All symptoms lie dormant in wait and if a symptom appears, already damage has begun.

Going back to early civilizations, people learned the mechanisms of health through nature. As they journeyed from one location to another, they would either carry the herbs and plants or know how to identify and find them. In our practice, we have the pioneers who did that in the last century and created the purest possible vitalized product to target the pernicious toxin, counteract, amend, de-toxify gently, build and restore tissue and cells. These vanguards revered the notion that all life begins at the DNA level.

We were meant to be whole, healthy, integral. We were not programmed for suffering. Our consciousness from the quantum fields protects and loves and guides us to better ways. We made an intrinsic promise to God and Universe to be the better person, be the caretaker of self and planet. Yet, we are embedded into a world of danger and intolerance with chemicals, toxins, GMO foods, metals, leeching plastics, tainted waters, polluted air and we have this idea that if we continue our disserviceable careless lifestyle, we can armor ourselves against all of that. If we are coupling the physical with a belief that we are a product of our environment, that we can do no wrong, that our bodies are like garbage disposals and will filter out the harmful, we are sadly mistaken.

We have discovered that more and more children, teens and young adults are carrying diseases we used to see in grown adults who lived many decades. Their immune systems are under fire.

We always believed that plants, herbs and remedies were here to serve humankind in its purest form. It doesn't have to be advertised on television or in a magazine to be validated or approved. It doesn't have to cost more money than we make. It doesn't have to be part of a pyramid scheme. Nature is a tool and if used correctly and with reverence guided by the hand of the wisdom of a practitioner, it becomes fifty percent of the healing process. What is the other fifty percent?
You and your beliefs.

Bettye Cart

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