Friday, May 18, 2012

Where is your Spark?

They say that the male is the warrior spirit and the female is the flame that surrounds the warrior. Anyway you view it, the woman's power is always behind the emperor's throne.

When my husband and I met I knew he was destined for being involved in great things. Larry Cart started out in the dental labs designing extraordinary objects out of gold, then he met me, Bettye Cart and we designed the next chapter in the medical arena. It seemed plausible. I was the intensive critical care nurse, he became the medical student. After 3 1/2 years studying medicine in two languages traveling to two countries, something shifted. His nature of healing expanded to realms not discussed in the allopathic world. Larry Cart was tapped on the head and a new paradigm was created. Coincidentally, I began my journey in holistic thinking when I read Dr. Dolores Kreiger's book in 1970 regarding Laying on of Hands. She was able to measure changes in the body with energetic healing. Because I was enamored with the very idea of it, I went on to study that aspect of healing and actually spoke at schools of nursing on the subject. It opened up doorways that defined my mission in life. Oddly, the whole concept of Chiropractic came to me in a dream. I had no prior information on this health technique. What followed is history. For the next 30 years, Dr. Larry traveled the country in search of every non-invasive healing approach that worked with the consciousness of the mind. Every technique he applied brought forth unimaginable changes in the bodies of desperately ill patients. But it still was not enough. He wanted to know about cellular response to toxicities and how we all can undo the damage. The story unfolds . . . .

It all begins with the center of all understanding in this 3 D flesh. It begins with belief and belief systems. We have to go back to the idea that everything in existence is defined by vibrational frequencies of consciousness- light, sound, color, all physical phenomena both living and inanimate.

Science says the Universe is matter possessing consciousness but the truth is The Universe is Consciousness which has taken on the appearance of matter as a RESULT of a DESCENT into lower frequencies of the vibration of consciousness.

It's not that simple, and doesn't have to be complex either but all that information is stored in our DNA's. If we can follow the yellow brick road to that point of Source, we can enjoy more of the benefits of knowing how God creates and how the Universe is part of us. We are mini Universes in the way we are designed. When we let our belief systems separate us from that information, we bring in illness in all forms. We forget who we are, why we were created. We forget our spark.

In illness, the normal frequency of vibrations of a physical organ have been REDUCED and the LIFE within the organ has been depleted. In the following posts, you will read articles that relate to this depletion and ways to connect with your body and feed it what it needs to survive in this density.

Why so much hype about the DNA? I remember hating to study about the DNA in college, so boring, so much memorizing, so I naturally failed the course. But time has it's own agenda and it took years and a new kind of interest for me to put a different perspective on its function.

The DNA is a receiver/transmitter/amplifier that uses our consciousness to heal ourselves. It also can be aligned to the matrix of infinite consciousness. We, our thoughts, send the instructions and WE can re-write the program. That gives a whole different meaning to "nothing is written in stone."

We get ill because our programmed DNA tells us to BELIEVE we can get ill. Those programs can go back in time long before we were born in this life. It can travel through the generations. Belief is a very powerful medicine.

And here is a wonder. We see with our brain, not with our eyes. This has been measured with out of body experiences. The BELIEF that we see with our eyes has been a program of the DNA. How many other programs are there that do not serve us?

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