Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Short Introduction to Nutrition Cognition

Hello Seekers of Perfect Health!
We designed this blog to bring to the masses information that will elevate thinking and bring hope, thus the term, hope for health. Larry Cart will never bring attention to himself. His goal is set before him to speak eloquently to his listeners, teach and inspire and always bring them back to the basics of their spiritual framework. Scientists with open minds have said, we are of stardust and we live among the stars. We forget our electromagnetic structure feeds our flesh and blood. We forget our consciousness. We are so entrenched in our separateness from who we really are and sometimes it is necessary for the body to speak out in volumes with ill health. Then there are those dedicated ones, like Larry Cart who come in to remind us of who we are, how we must live, what we must do to maintain. Let's make health a priority and begin our education today.

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