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Metal Toxicity

Keep in mind for those of you readers who have lived long enough to have amalgam dental fillings which included nickel and 50% Mercury (silver fillings), that the Mercury vapors emitted off the tooth came from (1)chewing and (2) a temperature of 99 degrees. Even if your body was at a normal 98.6 deg F, the chewing alone would bring it up to 99 degrees. This continues 1 1/2 hrs after chewing is stopped. Heated beverages increase the vapor.

Think of the huge numbers of dentists who have serious Mercury and Nickel poisoning. The vapors alone all day long had violated their health and it is thought by many, caused the high suicide rate among dentists.

Dr. Cart traveled across the U.S. to learn Nutrition Response Testing. One of his plane stops was Utah and a dentist climbed aboard. He also sought the help and wisdom of NRT and told his story of why. He knew he was very sick with Mercury poisoning and he wished to not only help himself but the many patients that followed his training. His guilt and regret was huge.

Mercury resides and nests in the body. if Mercury lives in the space between nerve impulses, a synapse cannot allow for the jump. This is what contributes to the deteriorated physical health and the many diseases that follow. We know Mercury can be found in pesticides ( how often has the garden been sprayed?), it is in hemorrhoid suppositories, water based paint, soft contact lens solutions, broken thermometers, fungicides, and remember merthiolate while many of us were growing up? It was in our medicine cabinets.

The question arises: How much Mercury does it take to create biologic destruction?

Answer: Very little. One part per million (ppm) will alter cell membrane function. O.2ppm stops cell growth.

If 1 mcgm is absorbed, it will take 70 days to several months to eliminate half of it. Meanwhile, more mcg are absorbed. Not all Mercury escaping a filling stays in vapor form; if it is on the surface of the filling it registers a negative electrical charge. In that state it is converted to the highly toxic methylmercury.

What are the forms of Mercury in the body?
Answer: There are three forms.

1. Vapor: absorbed via lungs, intestines and bloodstream and the primary target is Brain and Central Nervous system.
2. Ionic form ( 2 + charges) is the most destructive. Damage is usually found in Kidneys and Gastro-Intestinal tract.
3. Methylmercury ( organic ). Found in bacteria in the mouth and GI tract and bloodstream. Most deadly.

Mercury is toxic to the membranes and suppresses the immune system. If treated gently, carefully, and monitored closely, it can be eliminated.


Aluminum is found in the Earth's crust and atmospheric dust and in drinking water. Municipal water supplies are treated with aluminum sulfate and aluminum flouride. In this form, the two chemicals can combine easily in the blood and can pass through the body barriers. Aluminum flouride is poorly excreted in urine. ( This is the major metal of concern with Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Lou Gehrigs disease ( ALS), and dialysis dementia. It particularly affects bones, stomach and brain.

Where is Aluminum found and ingested?
Answer: pickles, baking powder ( aluminum free bp is everywhere now), pastries, maraschino cherries and did you know that formaldehyde is in there as well? Non-dairy creamers, plain table salt which also contains bleach and chlorine, processed cheeses, all antiacids, aluminum cookware, aluminum treated white flour, aluminum foil, tobacco smoke, artificial colorings and pesticides.


Lead is a toxic environmental pollutant. It is airborne in gasoline and industrial pollution which is why it is best to let the tank fill and get back in the car without breathing fumes. It is in lead based paint ( be careful of old vintage furniture), newsprint ( ever wonder why you sneeze holding the newspaper?), colored ads, hair dyes and rinses ( ask for aluminum free), bone meal supplements that are synthetic, dolomite, soft coal, leaded glass, pewter ware ( never eat or cook with this), improperly glazed pottery or dinnerware, batteries, cigarette smoke, pesticides, fertilizers, many cosmetics, rubber toys, dirt near garages, parks or empty lots. Old factories may contain large amounts of lead. Watch out for children putting dirt in their mouths (not funny). A child who eats dirt, licks screens or sucks on rocks may be anemic.


Alot of Nickel mines are now closed. One was near Dr. Cart's father's home and the creek near the land in Oregon. Another we knew about was Park City, Utah.

Nickel affects the auto-immune seriously. Bone, liver, kidneys, heart, pancreas, brain and nervous system. That covers alot. At any point of exposure it will affect such as skin ( contact dermatitis).

Where is Nickel found?
Answer: It is found in jewelry and commonly dental prosthetic devices. Newer ones contain 60-80% Nickel. Tobacco smoke, orthodontic appliances, auto truck exhaust, superphosphate fertilizers, Nickel and Cadmium batteries, hydrogenated fats and oils, acid foods like tomatoes in a can.


Cadmium inhibits many enzymes, nutrients, and metabolic reactions. It increases blood pressure, contributes to kidney and liver damage, can create anemia, chronic bronchitis and emphysema and osteoporosis. We find it in air, food and water. We find it in industrial waste, auto exhaust ( roll up those windows in freeway traffic), cigarette smoke, white flour, white rice and seafood, rubber carpet backings, sewage sludge, rubber tires, welding and paint. Especially oil paint.

*Note: A watercolor instructor of Bettye's, who was President of the Watercolor Society told her she had to stop oils after three admissions to the hospital with respiratory problems.

Cadmium affects lungs, liver, kidneys, heart, blood vessels, brain, appetite and pain centers.

Many of the above metals affect memory, blood counts and can create learning disabilities, headaches, anxiety, depression, loose teeth, GI disturbances and tremors. Metals can be eliminated using the right methods and the safest approach through testing and remedies. No chelation involved. Children respond well.

When a study revealed that mercury in childhood vaccines may
have caused autism in thousands of kids, the government rushed
to conceal the data -- and to prevent parents from suing drug
companies for their role in the epidemic.
by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

There are thousands of websites, blogs and info regarding Mercury in the vaccines. The controversy is ongoing. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. took a banner against Mercury back in 2005. He cited in his documents THEN, that more than 500,000 kids suffer from autism ( that is in the millions now) and over 40,000 new kids every year are identified by pediatricians. We know that figure has risen exponentially.

Autism had been unknown until 1943. Eleven children born after Eli Lilly's Thimerosal ( Mercury preservative) in the baby vaccines in 1931 were diagnosed ( those kids were 12 yrs old). Russia banned Thimerosal decades ago from baby vaccines, then Denmark, Austria, Japan, Great Britain, and the Scandanavian countries followed. Yet, the US did not.

In 1982, the FDA banned over the counter products containing Thimerosal. In 1991 it was banned in animal vaccines after the dogs became violently ill. Tragically, the CDC still injected our infants along with Hepatitis B ( within 24 hrs of birth) and Haemophilus influaezae B, DPT all within 2 mos of birth.

*Note: The Amish community do not accept vaccines. Studies have proven no autism exists there. They did find 4 children with high levels of Mercury, one from living near a power plant and three others were adopted into the society that were vaccinated prior. There is rising autism in India, Argentina, Nicaragua where Thimerosal laced vaccines were given. The WHO continues to insist it is safe.

This is a cursory example and more countries across the globe continue to be vaccinated, poisoning our young developing bodies and brains. A curse worse than the supposed cure.

Bettye Cart

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Kicking Soy out of your Life

I know I will piss off alot of vegetarians and vegans but the truth will always remain to those with scientific eyes. Firstly,
if soy is fermented, it can significantly reduce the phytate content of soybeans.

Soybeans are high in phytic acid, present in bran or in the hull of seeds. It can block the uptake of essential minerals, like calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and zinc, in the intestines. We have often seen vegetarian patients express a "spacey feeling" which can be mistaken by them as the high of spiritual enlightenment via eating in this manner. Zinc is required for a functioning brain and nervous system. If deficient, the eater must find ways to supplement in a healthy way, minerals. This is where vegans and vegetarians who consume tofu and bean curd as a substitute for meat and dairy, risk severe mineral deficiency. Also these same eaters indulge in soy protein isolate.

Soy Protein Isolate

This is what we call "fake meat and fake dairy" products. However you often see imitation soy used in soy milk and baby formulas. The plant estrogens in soy can interfere with proper development of infants thyroid, brain and reproductive systems. They did a test in Italy  on infants and toddlers. 53% under three months who reacted poorly to dairy formulas also reacted poorly to soy formulas.

Here is the Bad News about SPI

Soy Protein Isolate is produced in industrial factories where soybeans are first mixed with an alkaline solution to remove fiber, then precipitated and separated using an acid wash and finally neutralized in an alkaline solution. Acid washing is done in aluminum tanks and leaches high levels of aluminum into the final product. The resulting curds are spray-dried at high temperatures to produce a high protein powder. Nitrites ( which are potent carcinogens) are formed during the spray drying and another toxin called lysin oalanine. A final indignity to the orginal soybean is high temperature, high pressure extrusion processing of soy protein isolate to produce TVP: Textured Vegetable Protein.

This high temp process has an unfortunate side effect of denaturing the other proteins in the soy so they are rendered largely ineffective. That is why animals on soy feed need lysine supplements for normal growth. If SPI is used in feeding the animals, extra Vitamin E, K, D and B12 are necessary to offset the deficiencies it creates. Phytic acid greatly inhibits zinc and iron absorption. If SPI is fed to the animals, they develop enlarged organs, particularly pancreas and thyroid and increased fatty acid deposits in the liver. In addition, artificial flavorings, sometimes, MSG are added to SPI and TVP to mask their strong "beany" taste and to impart the flavor of meat.

SPI and TVP are used in school lunch programs, commercially baked goods, beverages and fat free products. Third world countries receive food give-aways with SPI and TVP.

Soy lurks everywhere. It is even in Bumblebee canned tuna, Baskin Robbins 31 flavors ice cream, Hersheys chocolate, donuts, moist breads, luncheon meats, burgers and pizza. There are soy inks, soy candles, paints, plastics, carpets, mattresses, vitamins over the counter. Even in the bin aisles of your health food store.

Symptoms of soy allergy (within an hour of ingestion):
Coughing, sneezing, runny nose, hives, diarrhea, facial swelling, shortness of breath, swollen tongue, difficulty swallowing, low blood pressure, fainting.

You can still enjoy the taste of soy sauce, by purchasing organic, wheat free gluten free low sodium tamari sauce. Be aware of labels, take the time to read ingredients. It's your body!

Bettye Cart
excerpt "The whole soy story: the Dark side of America's health food (2004) by Kaayla T. Daniel, PhD,
Also, Nexus Magazine on Soy Dangers

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Thought for the Hour

Do you believe that your health
is your most valuable asset?
Or do you only recognize it
after you have lost it?

Larry Cart, D.C.

Digestion vs Indigestion

Seems like everyone these days knows someone with a delicate stomach, or reflux or heartburn or worse, peptic ulcers. I grew up watching people pouring Maalox, Mylanta, Milk of Magnesia, Pepto-Bismal, Alka-Seltzer or chewing on a Rolaid or Tums. There was the archaic method of sipping milk and cream hourly as well. I knew people that lived on those products. In fact, as a nurse, I would see bottles of such continually at the hospital bedside. It was prescribed!

Did people ever bother to read the side effects? Nah. They took it like a champion, just as their parents and grandparents did. Antacids was clearly the drug of choice, unless something greater was needed to treat excessive Hydrochloric acid, such as using the H-2 receptor antagonists or proton pump inhibitors combating H.pylori.

The side effects of antacids are cruel and unjust.

They finally revealed the adverse effect of the sippy( milk and cream) diet. It resulted in renal failure, alkalosis and hypercalcemia. Projectile vomiting and exacerbation of the peptic ulcer disease ensued. As well, all the calcium chewable tablets which are severely overused, create increase calcium output in the urine and this has been associated with kidney stones. Do we have a kidney stone problem in this country? Yes we do! In addition, the calcium salts can contribute to constipation.

Here is where it all starts getting unfortunate:
Calcium carbonate, bicarbonate causes alkalosis. The product combines with hydrochloric acid in the stomach ( natural) and produces a carbon dioxide gas. This chemical combination causes gastric bloating and then headaches and muscle weakness. The Aluminum hydroxide in the products are not easily absorbed and accumulation occurs, especially in the presence of renal insufficiency. It is neurotoxic and also can bring on constipation.  Magnesium hydroxide can build up and create hypermagnesemia and this translates to cardiovascular and neuro problems. In addition, there is unnecessary salt in these products which is deleterious to health.

Remedy? Why would we want to alkalize the stomach when it needs Hydrochloric acid to digest? To offer the right digestives, natural food supplements that carry the digestive enzymes and acid bearing remedies to actually help the foods be assimilated seems to be the most common sensical approach.

When the stomach digests, it churns the food along with HCL, juices, pepsin and enzymes to break it down into chyme. If there is no HCL, the food begins to rot and ferment, much like grapes do when they are used to make wine. This fermentation process is abnormal to your stomach. As the churning gets harder, the deviant acids back up into the esophagus and causes heartburn. If an antacid is taken, it is assurity that a mass of undigested food left in the stomach will travel to place a burden on the gallbladder, liver and pancreas but they cannot. This begins the toxic process of poisons in the body from undigested matter. It will travel through the intestinal tract while all kinds of undesirable bacteria and viruses start scavenging the waste. Parasites which could have been swallowed and destroyed by the HCL in the stomach, now find a toxic environment in which to live. Candida ( yeast ) now replicates and can even be food for parasites!

Why do you have a strep or staph infection in the body? Because you have a body breaking down from the toxic waste build up. Tissue becomes de-vitalized and unprocessed metabolic waste lies in wait.

Disease is not the presence of something evil
but rather the lack of the presence of
something essential.

There is help with naturopathic, raw food supplements and homeopathic preparations. Make better food choices and do not cheat. Keep a diary for at least a week and look back on when you began to feel better by avoiding foods, especially wheat, grains and dairy. Seek an NRT practitioner who knows the way to uncover the issues that plague you and can target remedies to heal the digestive organs. It can be done.

Bettye Cart with excerpts from Mary Frost's book "Going Back to the Basics of Human Health."

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Intellectual Giants Paving the Way

There are several wayshowers that brought us the awareness of how nutrition and health affected our existence. The foremost one, Dr. Royal Lee, DDS birthed himself in the 19th Century and his discoveries came on the heels of the darkest times in our U.S. History: the great depression. His work preluded that time while he was busy inventing and patenting electrical motor products such as we use today in electric food mixers, sound movie cameras and projectors, fusion welding equipment, flamecutting machinery and drill presses, the electric typewriter, and various overspeed electrical devices. His engineering devices were used in Boeings airplanes, submarines and battleships.

While in Dental school at Marquette University, he wrote papers on the relationship of vitamin deficiency to tooth decay emphasizing the element of diet. It was then in 1929 he brought about a Vitamin Products Company that delivered from 1932 to 1946 250 million products for Doctors utilizing vitamins and minerals.

For 20 years he became an "out"spoken leader in the nutritional area, bitterly criticized by the medical and government societies. His only fault was finding the trace of poor nutrition to cardiovascular disease and many degenerative diseases. No one wanted to validate that, yet over the years all has been validated to this day. He was a vanguard and paid the cost of being so. He became a fearless speaker invited by many medical doctors and scientists who believed in his work. In 1942 he was elected to fellowship in the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He organized the Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research in 1941. To this day, profits from the Standard Process Inc feed that Foundation.

So far, this foundation has researched and made discoveries in these areas:
1. working with fresh cane juice and developing a natural sugar containing all vitamins and minerals.
2. dehydrating citrus juices maintaining their vitamins and minerals.
3. developing a baking powder with less destructive action on vitamins and minerals.
4. research on aging and biological growth: ongoing.
There are 30 + more minor projects in this foundation.

In 1931 the FDA was created out of the Bureau of Chemistry. Those were the dark days when post World War 1 the foods of commerce became bleached, refined, chemical preserved, pasteurized, sterilized, homogenized, hydrogenated, artificially colored, defibered, highly sugared, highly salted, synthetically fortified ( enriched), canned and generally exposed to hundreds of new man-made chemicals ***Mary Frost.

Dr. Elmer M. Nelson who headed the FDA then ( despite court orders )blocked health food manufacturers from telling the public what the difference was between the quality vs synthetic, over-processed, counterparts. As example, whole wheat flour was blocked from publicizing that white flour had lost 30 different nutrients. The ludicrousness of Dr. Nelson's statement: "It is wholly unscientific to state that a well fed body is more able to resist disease than a less than well fed body."

This was the beginning of the U.S. Government controlling special interest groups like the commercialized food industry for 80 years +.

In 1937 when Dr. Royal Lee tried to advertise his hydrochloric acid digestive supplement, he faced opposition from the cigarette industry! Dr. Lee spent most of his early beginnings in and out of the court system fighting for his right to correct the nutritional deficiences via his pure raw food supplements.

In the mid-1940's, synthetic vitamins came into vogue and were added by the General Mills corp into cereals and grains for huge profit. The chemists working for these companies felt that vitamins and minerals concocted in a lab were far better than the real thing. So began the downward spiral of health.

Standard Process has been on a Wisconsin farm for 83 years. They have 420 acres of rich soil that has never been synthetically fertilized by insecticides, herbicides, fungicides or any genetically modified seeds. They use raw material like alfalfa, barley grass, beets, brussel sprouts, buckwheat, kale, kidney beans, oats, pea vine and spanish black radish to serve as nutrients in the soil, and turning the soil at intervals to maintain quality. They do not use any dairy or meat in production of their food supplement capsules (pareve). Thus, their products are revered.

Another vanguard, Dr. A.S. "Doc" Wheelwright, master of herbs and formulas created the Systemic Formulas supplements out of Ogden, Utah. A proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, RNA/DNA tissue factors, amino acids and botanicals were formulated by Doc Wheelwrights team who spend years of travel to Native American locations, Tibet, India, China, Africa, Polynesia, Brazil, Europe.

The young Doc Wheelwright at the age of 17 in 1935 won the Edison award for outstanding achievement in applied chemistry. They said that his garage lab was better than some college chemistry labs. While in the service, he was stationed in the South Pacific and became gravely ill. They called it severe gastrointestinal infection leading to jungle rot. Surgery failed and he was sent home to die. He had a surgical scar from his sternum (breastbone) to his pubis and the area swelled to 98 inches at the abdomen. He and his wife embarked on a healthy diet, fasting and herbs. He responded and became well and this began his work on proprietary blends of formulas. After serving in WW2, he made extensive contributions in the field of chemistry, defense explosives, photography, ready mix concrete, and electronics.
(master inventor like Dr. Lee almost synchronous in timeline)

Dr. Weston Price was considered the Isaac Newton of Nutrition. He traveled the world to study isolated human groups related to dental caries and nutrition. He compared all native cultures and their diet regimens to health.

"We can now visualize our universe, its light, gravity and heat, its seasons, tides, and harvest, which prepare a habitation for the universe of vital forms, microscopic and majestic, which fill the oceans and the forests. We have a common denominator for universes within and around each other, our world, our food and our life have potentials so vast that we can only observe directions, not goals. We sense human achievements or ignominious race self-destruction. Every creed today vaguely seeks a utopia; all have visualized a common controlling force or deity as the most potent force in all human affairs. Yes, man's place is most exalted when he obeys Mother Nature's laws."
--Weston A. Price, DDS

Bettye Cart, with excerpts from Mary Frost, Weston Price Foundation, Standard Process and Systemic Formulas, Inc.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Key Reasons for AutoImmune Disease in the 21st Century

This particular article from Systemic Formulas Research Paper # 10 stopped me. It listed ten major components of why, how, where we were influenced in creating this horrifying disease process. We believe it is the crux and the base for disease, incurable or reversible. But what it will take to reverse damage, like a house that has been burned down, or a car that has been totaled in a wreck or a terrain that had been a war zone. We use these examples to drive the point home. If we could see what true upset goes on in a human body . . .

1. Chronic Cellular Inflammation

The cause would be free radical damage to the mitochondria and nuclear DNA, environmental toxicity ( i.e. heavy metals), processed foods, Electromagnetic fields, biotoxins (i.e. molds), sugar and aspartame consumption.  What happens? excessive immunological activity that impedes healthy cell performance.

2. LeakyGut/Brain Syndrome

The Enteric Nervous System (intestines) activates cytokines ( a group of signaling molecules for intercellular communication) thoughout the body that raise the immune activity level allowing more collateral damage, caused by:
  1. overconsumption of  grains
  2. overuse of antibiotics
  3. dysbiosis (
  4. GMO foods
  5. impaired neuro-endocrine regulation and neurotransmitters due to zonulin opening in intestine barrier as well as blood/brain barrier. (zonulin is a protein that modulates the permeability of tight junctions between cells of the wall of digestive tract. Thus we have gluten sensitivity, celiac and other digestive disorders)
3. Cell Membrane Degradation

Inflammatory processes, heavy metals, chemicals, plastics, trans fats, pathogens and biotoxins ( mold and candida). The cell membranes become inflamed and fail to receive hormone messengers, and struggle with free radical damage. Did you know that we have over 600 hormones in the body to perform critical tasks?

4. Pathogen Proliferation

This comes on the tail of metabolic wastes, becoming more toxic, Electromagnetic frequencies, ElectroMagnetic fields such as cell phones, Wifi, microwave, radar, smart meters etc. There is global radiation.

5. GMO Foods

Big topic. See  Too many to list, however, corn, soy, beet sugars, alfafa, Hawaiian papaya, meats and now we know zucchini and yellow crookneck squash are also sprayed heavily with Roundup. All lead to leaky gut. See video link posted on this blog for video trailer.

6. Glucose Metabolism Dysregulation

Overconsumption of inflamed driven sugar and HFCS products causing insulin resistance, which all are linked with heart disease, obesity, Alzheimers and Diabetes.

7. Limited Food Variations

Eating the same things over and over. Wheat, milk and starch are the big culprits. This causes increased allergenic reactivity. The human body requires huge variety of phyto-molecular input from plants and herbs.

8. Low Thyroid Function

Low basal metabolism increases cellular toxicity, decreased liver function, increased immune activity. When the metabolism is slowed, detoxification is slowed and cells become hormone resistant. Low thyroid function is often an effect of a toxic environment, coupled with inadequate iodine, selenium, fatty acids and anti-oxidant nutrients.

9. Confused Immune System

  1. Leaky gut molecules enter bloodstream needing immediate immune response from leukocytes to digest them.
  2. Vaccinations confuse with unnatural multiple diseases, requiring wide immunological action in the body.
  3. Altered cell membranes that contain heavy metals and transfats need leukotriene immune activity to fight the cells attacking.
  4. Free radical damages to cell membranes raise a warning flag.
  5. Antibiotics, whether right or wrong, interrupt the normal cascade of immunological response to pathogens.
  6. Biofilms hide pathogens ( they are the waste of microbes and create a film that clogs)
  7. Allergies and Environmental toxins keep the immune system overworked.
10. Last but not least

Interpretation of the toxic environment forces our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, attitudes to be evaluated. Our encounters with our fellow humans, peace, wars, love, trust, mistrust, calm, strife, stress, all the gestalt of human adaptability which is the basis of survival.

We are not too old, too young, too ignorant, too smart, too lazy to ignore what is going on with our immune systems. It is the pinnacle of wisdom in those indigenous tribes who live long beyond our own years, maybe it is the acknowledgement of our own innate intelligence speaking volumes to us about what to do, what not to do. It is our spirit raising the flag about gullibility or fear or disdain or acceptance. What is it telling us?

Bettye Cart and the Scientists of Systemic Formulas et al

We Live and Die at the Cellular Level Part 2

We saw this article on the internet. Inorganic arsenic was previously found in apple and grape juices ( Dr. Oz brought to our attention) Then it was found in water, cereal bars, baby food and chicken. Now it is rice. Significant amounts even in some organic brands. The FDA has called for federal standards on rice. Consumer reports say that boiling rice in a 6 to 1 ratio removes about 30% of the arsenic. They recommend children under five should not be drinking rice drinks.

That said, we as consumers need to keep tabs on what is going on here. Where do we get our rice? India? China? Philippines? Indonesia? Is it part of the Monsanto sprayed groups? Isn't rice grown in water? So arsenic is found naturally in water, air, soil and now food. The important thing to remember it  can be in one of two forms; organic or inorganic. Organic can pass through the body and still let us live to tell. Inorganic resides in pesticides and insecticides and that is the chemical poisoner.

We just treated one of our many patients who was diligent about his food choices yet his diagnostics proved he was struggling. We found he was not sleeping and had his house sprayed outside with pesticides. We had to remedy the situation and alert him to ways he can organically use eco friendly means to stop the insects. This kind of onslaught feeds the brain and cripples the body. Common sense must prevail! We are living in a toxic age where all the ways we used to do things are no longer serving us. We no longer need the classic advertised laundry detergents and fabric softeners or soaps. We can make the changes for our health and our families health. There are plenty of stores that support the eco friendly products.

We bring all this to the attention of our readers because everyday the question is posed, what IS safe?

Heavy metals and chemicals are slipped into our everyday products, products we used to feel safe with. While we were being "comforted", our bodies went through inflammation and cell damage and began a never-ending cycle of autoimmune response. We thought it was always something we caught, or our parents gave us genetically or we worked so hard under stress, must be that.

When under autoimmune attack our intestinal inflammation gets hit hard, there is free radicals that are perpetually damaging the cells, pathogens now have a breeding ground and micronutrients are deficient because we are under duress with work, kids, families and eat out alot or take on the fast food track. I shudder to think who is handling my food in the back kitchen now. Long ago I stopped eating at salad bars for that very reason, now the idea of kitchen help without gloves, who are sick themselves or dropping food on the floor and plating it or buying inferior products to serve is enough to make me cook my own food - at whatever cost. I know people who bring food home from the restaurant and let it sit in the car for however long.

Auto immune diseases, by the way, start in the intestinal lining. To quote from the Systemic Formula Science Report#9 " When the body was developing before birth, two nervous systems were created out of the same tissue. (1) The Brain and Central Nervous System and (2) Enteric Nervous system. These two systems are connected via the vagus nerve ( 10th cranial nerve) and influence each other. This is how stress and worry interfere with digestion and how digestive upsets can affect mood and hormones thoughout the body. The Enteric Nervous system is the "second brain" and communicates with the first brain between your ears. It carries bioenergetic and biochemical messages from the probiotics, fibers, herbs, and plants you consume about HOW to regulate optimal health.

Epigenetics is a term used freely now. It is the study of changes in the gene expression or cellular phenotype caused by mechanisms other than changes in the underlying DNA sequence. Epi is Greek for over, above, outer. It tells the story of how everything influencing our health outside our body dominates. Is it Big Pharma? Heavy metals? Toxins? GMO Foods? Pollution in any form like mold, fumigations, sprays, air quality ( i.e. chemtrails), water even in the ocean that carries toxic material, living near a nuclear plant or power towers etc. Get the point? To determine all the causes of our problems, this should be addressed. Find a practitioner who does not pass this off as foolishness. We have had too many scientists and researchers and parents and educators who have experience and have written enough material on the subject to get our attention. Do we choose to watch the videos and read the real material or do we listen shaking our head to news reports on television saying not so bad?

Dr. Cart is actively concerned and is continually engaged in study about the DNA methylation and histone modification, both serving to regulate gene expression without altering the underlying DNA sequence. This has got HIS attention to cellular health and mitochondrial health of the cell.

His quote: "Mitochondria are the energy factories. If they don't produce enough energy, the cell will not perform properly and this can lead to chronic degenerative and auto immune diseases."

Bettye and Dr. Larry Cart

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Genetic Roulette

Click the youtube link for the two minute trailer:

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We Live and Die at the Cellular Level Part 1

We think we were born perfect. People told us what a perfect baby we were, growing up to follow the hard and fast rules of family and society, especially the antiquated basic food groups. We thought we were models of our age group.

Later, we got the usual childhood diseases or vaccines, then the antibiotics for the frequent breakdowns. As we inched toward adulthood, fad foods, fad diets and dependence on certain substances drew our attention. In college we wolfed down donuts and coffee and pizza's and lost hours of sleep. True stress of the reality kind hit after we had to make money to live. I lived on chili dogs at Weinerschnitzel, what about you?

Did we care a hoot about what our DNA was doing with all these hits? No. But as time marched along, little annoyances grew to big annoyances and we lost the energy we once had as sweet young things.

Then we started opening emails, picking up magazines, searching the internet and reading about health issues. Yet we still hadn't a clue. Flesh and blood body changes and antioxidants and then you die. It was like a church going moral upright citizen of the world waiting on the Lord. What we didn't think too hard about would take care of itself. God would provide.

God DID provide and gave us the miraculous body system, a replica of the quantum Universe and the brain power to figure it out. After all, the Universe does not just stay stationary and useless. It challenges itself to repair and restore and be in a constant flux of change to renew itself. Nothing is temporary and nothing is permanent.

Did you know that the human genome contains massive information, so much so that it took the world's most powerful computers to map it out? We learned about a key element with the life code. In order to have health, our bodies choose to express different facets of this code and leave other facets unexpressed. The prime directive of the body is to adapt and survive. If we pump inferior gas into our car, it will give us problems. If we feed inferior food to our biologic system, it will also create problems.  We are not machines.

Often people say, oh, my parents or grandparents had this disease so it runs in my bloodline. Such a myth ignores the quantum physics success stories of how alternative methods of healing have a gift horse offering. It isn't entirely about how we think, how our emotions change our biochemistry. We need to be active participants in how we care for our bodies. We need to stand back and look at the grander picture. What is the environment feeding me? Do I live near power towers, military training grounds, heavily sprayed orchards, in a home with mold or water leaks, or near a lake or waterway where toxic chemicals were poured from an industrial site? Do you still use standard pesticides to kill insects around your home? Chemicals in your pool? Are your cleaning products not eco-friendly?  Have you put a chlorine filter on your shower head and found ways to filter your tap water? Do you live near a railroad? Have you used the highly toxic cadmium oil paints for your artwork?
Do you live near an old closed down mine? ( my father-in-law did) And how many times are you flying on an airplane? The list is growing and I couldn't possibly address it all.

We have to be increasingly aware of all the hidden mine fields that would disrupt our life code.

There is more to share, more to know and this will be the beginning of a series.

Bettye Cart with excerpts from Mitochondrial Biogenesis, a more effective method to increase life-energy for healing by Dr. Jack Tips/Systemic Formulas

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Is it Dementia or is it Alzheimer's Disease?

There is a neighbor two doors down who caretakes an old man; a man who continually forgets he has met us on his walks. He needs full supervised care 24/7. The caretaker insists it is dementia, not Alzheimer's, even though he is prone to swinging of the arms in angry fits.

When I taught nursing students back in the eighties, we visited the Motion Picture Health facility and they had just constructed a special area for Alzheimer patients. We viewed the outdoor garden, waist high, where the patients could soothe their hands in sandboxes. We viewed the aviary where chirping birds helped to quell their nerves. Pictures of themselves adorned their own rooms. Thinking back, it was about dementia in all my own training. No one had coined the term Alzheimer's yet. Just as no one had coined the term AIDS yet when we cared for patients diagnosed with Fever of Unknown Origin in Isolation. I don't really know if we have come very far. It seems we just have new names for what has always existed.

My own research revealed this. Dementia progresses slowly over time. The research says it is the result of maybe infections or side effects of medications and metabolic disturbances. Dementia grows worse with age. And Alzheimers does not? Alzheimer's scientists say it results from an increase in the production or accumulation of a specific beta-amyloid protein in the brain that leads to nerve cell death. They like to pin Alzheimer's to an age factor 65-85. That surprises me, since we know people personally who have been diagnosed in their early fifties.

Whatever the name, the cause points to brain toxicity resulting from body toxicity. Both have no cure and more medication is given.

Like all incurable atrocities on our planet, the only knowledge we have is to prevent it's beginnings. But how? Firstly, even if your parent or grandparent had it, even though the propensity to make you an heir via the familial genome distortion, why would you not take steps to de-tox your body gently of all metals, toxins, parasites, chemicals and nourish your system with micronutrients and a healthy lifestyle? Why would you take any of this lying down and worrying yourself into that gloom of horror? It is possible that toxicity is carried across to the placenta and that poor food choices fed to us during our childhood is a hand-me-down. We could have lived in environments or homes or land that was chemically toxic. None of that certifies you will live a short life if you can take steps to strengthen your life.

We associate Aluminum for instance with brain toxicity and the diseases that result. Autopsies on Alzheimer patients have revealed up to four times aluminum found in the nerve cells of the brain, especially in the hippocampus which plays a central role in memory.

Are you checking where we even get exposed to that?

Cookware, antacids( and there are aluminum free of those now), anti-diarrheal products, buffered aspirin ( contains up to 88 mg of aluminum hydroxide) over the counter pain meds and anti-inflammatory meds, foil containers for food, aluminum coated waxed containers like OJ and other juices, deodorants and antiperspirants, douches even contain aluminum salts, food additives ( cake mixes and frozen doughs, processed cheese), anti-dandruff shampoos contain magnesium aluminum silicate. Lauryl sulfate ( foaming properties) in dental products like toothpastes and shampoos. Aluminum Foil!!!

What we can do:
Get back to our micronutrients: vegetable juicing or vegetable smoothies.
Use stainless steel, glass or cast iron cookware.
Buy organic vegetables because unless the soil is clean of aluminum it leeches through the vegies. This is seen in radishes, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, green and black tea, coffee.
Buy only Aluminum free baking soda. Normal has 70 mg AL.
Do not buy soda or beer in aluminum cans.
Have Dr. Cart check you for Aluminum Toxicity through Nutritional Response Testing. Easy enough to find.

Symptoms of Aluminum Toxicity do mimic Alzheimer's. Colic, GI symptoms ( interfering with the metabolism of calcium) extreme nervousness, anemia, headaches, decreased liver and kidney function ( aluminum is excreted by kidneys), memory loss, speech problems, softening of the bones and aching muscles.

Find out if your municipal waters are treated with aluminum sulfate and aluminum flouride( which is poorly excreted, thus accumulates in our body).

Just because aluminum is one of the most abundant metallic elements in our air, soil and water does not mean we forget to put up parameters in our digestive tracts.

Isn't this the time to be the captain of your own ship?

Bettye Cart

Always question the source of information. The Truth on the planet has been transformed into mythology with the passage of time and has slipped further into fantasy and absurdity. ---author unknown

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Aspartame Addictions

How many of us were raised on soda pop and fresca and coke and seven up and kool aid? Pretty much sugary, eh? As we aged we were introduced to the sugar free additives so we could continue to lose weight and feel great. But just like the microwave and spraying the parameters of our home with pesticides, cleaning our toilets with chlorox, scrubbing our floors with ammonia infusing our bodies with toxins we later confronted, we thought nothing of the new sugar free products. In fact we welcomed them.

Then we got suspicious when we read things on the internet.

To condense, Dr. Mercola M.D. who awakens us to our reality, said it bluntly. Aspartame is found in more than 6,000 products and consumed by over 200 million people worldwide. ( I would venture to say those numbers are low) Just for one example, how many people chew gum? Most have aspartame. Standing in the grocery line one day I tried to read all the gum brands ingredients. I found some with sugar as the first named yet 6 words down, was aspartame. Pretty conflicting and deeply disturbing. On some rare finds, xylitol, sorbital or mannitol were listed. ( side effects are runs to the bathroom!)

Here is a breakdown of aspartame's three chemicals.
(1) amino acids aspartic acid ( 40%)
(2) phenylalanine (50%)
(3) methanol ( 10%)

Now the really bad news.

Aspartate ( aspartic acid) acts as a neurotransmitter in your brain by relaying information from neuron to neuron. Too much aspartate kills neurons by allowing too much calcium in the cells. This triggers excess free radicals which kill more cells. Dr. Russell Blaylock, MD refers to aspartame as "excitotoxins " because they excite or stimulate the neural cells to death. What happens next? This is a prelude to MS, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, memory and hearing loss, hormone problems, Epilepsy, AIDS, brain lesions, all seen with neurocellular death.

Phenylalanine is an amino acid and normally found in the brain but people with the genetic disorder phenylketonuria ( PKU)( I observed PKU kids as a nursing student and it was heartbreaking) cannot metabolize it, thus high amounts occur in the brain. It has been researched that when aspartame is ingested along with carbs, (i.e. diet coke and pizza) it can lead to excess levels of phenylalanine, even if you do not have PKU. With high brain phenylalanine there is low serotonin that leads to emotional disorders like depression and schizophrenia.

Methanol is a deadly poison. Free methanol is created from aspartame when heated to 86 degrees. You can imagine what foods need heating, like hot water in sugar free jello to mix. Worse, methanol breaks down into formic acid and formaldehyde, a deadly neurotoxin.  Even the U.S. EPA says methanol is considered a cumulative poison ( builds up in the system) due to the low rate of excretion. They recommended a limit of 7.8 mg/day but one liter of aspartame sweetened beverage contains 56 mg. Heavy users consume up to 32 times the EPA limit. One diet soda has 180 mg aspartame!
Symptoms? vision problems, Headaches, ear buzzing, dizziness, nausea, GI problems, weakness and numbness and shooting pains in arms and legs, memory lapses and behavior disturbances.

There are households that allow diet beverages for breakfast and you know lunch and dinner are on board as well. And what about the school age child that stops at the convenience store on the way home to get one? Is it a wonder our academic levels wane?

If you read this article and get a shock to your system, make changes. Serve almond milk, coconut milk, unsweetened iced tea, fresh pure water! Our bodies are made up of mostly water and this is how we all survive. So many symptoms are due to hypovolemia, not enough volume in the blood, not enough water.

Take heed.

Bettye Cart and Dr. Mercola M.D.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Why Butter is Better than Margarine

I came across some poignant material from the Weston Price Foundation. Dr. Price was a dentist from the late 1880's and died a year after I was born. It was 1930 when his dental research shifted radically to nutrition. To this day, journals and research and scientists in nutrition laude his work. The following material I post will be from his work.


I always loved butter ever since my father brought home hot Italian bread and real butter to spread it right. I admit now it was the bread not the butter that made me seek a better health regimen. My Mom was the one who bought the Imperial margarine and we were compelled to use that in baking. That dichotomy forced me to choose the better flavor, butter. When six children had to be fed, we grabbed what was available. Age teaches us a more educated approach.

What I learned later was how nutritious butter was. It contains many nutrients that protect against heart disease for starts. Vitamin A, D, K and E, lecithin, iodine, selenium. The Vitamin A, D, and K are essential for calcium and phosphorus absorption and that translates to thyroid health as well because of the iodine. Butter is creamed in the high mountainous regions because they have a deficiency for fish, so the butter protects against goiter. Glycospinolipids in butterfat protects against gastro-intestinal infections.The fatty acids in butter have strong anti-tumor effects. Back in my era, cows grazed on grass and those were the cows that offered conjugated linoleic acid ( CLA) for excellent protection against cancerous tumors. I also learned about the anti-stiffness factor, protecting against calcification in joints. Here was something of worth to know. If you took a calf and fed it pastuerized milk, they do NOT thrive and they develop joint stiffness. Then why give it to humans?

Margarine is fake but we didn't know any better as children in the fifties and sixties. It is unnatural because it is partially hydrogenated. Now we know about the transfats contributing to disease. Simply put, the fat turns liquid vegetable oil into solid fat. That was in our body!

Margarine also has free radicals  because of the toxic breakdown products through high temperature processing. More disease.

The Vitamins are now synthetic, especially A and has an opposite and detrimental effect on our biology.

They add emulsifiers and preservatives; hexane and solvents for the extraction process. Chemical toxicity.

Worse, they bleach it because partially hydrogenated vegetable oil is a grey color. So yellow coloring added for purchase.

Artificial flavors , mono and diglycerides which also have trans fats, soy protein isolate which contributes to thyroid dysfunction and digestive disorders.

Sterols are in there which adds another whole set of complex factors. These are cholesterol lowering qualities but really are estrogen compounds, causing endocrine problems.

There it is. All the nuances of products touting their low fat and low caloric lab created butters which are not real have people shopping for less quality producing more toxicity.

We just need to get back to basics, a simpler way of eating like our great grandparents. Extra virgin olive oil, organic refined coconut oil, and butter add the better quality fat to cooking. You don't have to use butter like Paula Deen used to, all in small portions and in moderation.

Be wise.

Bettye Cart

Friday, August 10, 2012

Why Cow's Milk is the most Anti-Health Food

Have you ever asked yourself why there is all this hype about "Got milk?" while the consumption of dairy foods in the U.S. ranks among the highest per capita in the world of women who suffer from osteoporosis? The RDA is climbing higher telling us that we now need more calcium from the 1990's version of 800 mg a day up to 1200 mg a day. And why do they have to fortify all the cereals, breads etc with synthetic calcium and we are still calcium deficient? Maybe it is because so many of us cannot utilize the calcium. Why?


Calcium in milk is bound molecularly to the protein ( casein). If your stomach acid is neutralized and you are unable to break down the protein, you cannot get any benefit from calcium.

The immune system. Microphages will envelop milk protein to protect the body and when the amount ingested exceeds that which the microphages can handle, the body will then begin to surround them with mucus. Overloaded=hardened mucus. Ever feel your throat and sinuses gunky after an ice cream cone or a bowl of cereal and milk?

The thick and hardened mucus begins to collect in the body in various ways. It causes mucus plugs in the bile ducts preventing the release of bile. ( bile emulsifies fats and stimulates the bowel movement).

It causes mucus plugs in the liver preventing filtering of the blood and processing of hormones and neurotransmitters.

It hardens into a plaque in the intestine preventing the absorption of nutrients in the small intestine and blocks the peristaltic movement of the large intestine.

It hardens as a plaque in the arteries causing atherosclerosis and congestive heart failure.

And if that is not enough of a damaging response, the cells will take in the mucus from the bloodstream where it will harden inside them. The mucus plaque is also known as fibrin and if left undissolved is the precursor to cysts and tumors.
Milk has the ability to congest and constipate the body more thoroughly than even hydrogenated oil. This is now the perfect condition for disease to develop.

The answer to all this? Do not drink or consume milk products and find alternatives like almond milk, rice milk, coconut milk. Eat almonds, 5 oz a day gives the highest amount of calcium: 355 mg. One cup of tahini has 261 mg of calcium. Three small valencia oranges has  219 mg of calcium. One cup of cooked white beans has  191 mg of calcium, 1 cup of okra has 177 mg, 1 Tbs of blackstrap molasses has 172 mg of calcium. 12 oz of broccoli has 158 mg, 5 oz of raw walnuts has 140 mg, 4 figs dried or otherwise has 124 mg, lettuce greens has 121 mg, carrot juice 16 oz has 114 mg.

Use goat milk products, delicious goats yogurt plain ( Trader Joes) and goat gouda or soft goat cheese. For Italian sprinkling, sheeps pecorino romano cheese. Sheeps Feta in the brine for salads. There are dairy free coconut creamers for your coffee that are delicious, and for your sweet tooth, dairy free ice creams made with almonds or coconut.

Study the Mediterranean menus for choosing food ideas. You don't NEED milk products. You need quality protein, fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds. Extra virgin olive oil, lemon and fresh seasonings to build taste.

I have made homemade almond milk all my married life. Soak half a bag of almonds in fresh water and refrigerate. Next day, dump the water and add fresh to fill a glass pitcher. In two batches blend in blender, adding a tsp of maple syrup or agave or nothing. After blending, strain and the results are wonderful delicious milky almond milk. Refrigerate and use for the next few days. The almond meal can be used in baking. Get creative and get into the health zone!

Bettye Cart

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ways Sugar can make your life Bitter!

Oh, how we need our fix! A candy bar, a brownie, an ice cream cone or more simply, sugar in our hot or cold drink. We try to ignore the secret amounts of sugar in a gluten free cookie we buy at the market. We love our fruit and do not place all the yummy juicy sweetness in the same category, after all, its nutrient rich! Are we addicted?

The Down side of Sugar Free
At the risk of sounding politically partisan which I am not, we can all thank Rumsfield for aspartame. That was his pet project long ago to control the market of sugar-free. Look forward to my future post on the dangers of aspartame.

Sucrolose? The final product contains heavy metals like arsenic, triphenil phosphine oxide, methanol, chlorinated disaccharides and momosaccharides.

Saccharine ( Sweet and Low) is 300-500 times sweeter than sugar and Nutrasweet ( Equal) is good old aspartame, 150-200 times sweeter than sugar. All very toxic, especially neurotoxic.

Splenda is not all excreted from the body; it is similar to DDT chemical. Fat soluable DDT remains in the body for decades.

Interestingly, organic honey does not decay or attack the teeth if raw, unfiltered is used because of the processing to its basics. Use in small amounts. Keep the raw, unfiltered in your cupboard, excellent for treating burns as well.

Xylitol is made from corn and birch and if there is a sensitivity to corn, it may create a reaction.

Agave is from cactus and is sweeter than sugar and low glycemic. Excellent for diabetics but again, small amounts.

We discovered a great alternative to processed sugar. Coconut palm sugar. It is crystallized coconut and has a brown sugar look and taste. The sap from the coconut tree is used from the flower bud ( very nutritious that feeds the coconut) that will eventually form a coconut.  Sadly, that tree then, will not produce coconuts that are used to make coconut oil or flour; it becomes a temporary sacrificial event. Later, it can. Coconut palm sugar is low glycemic. Quality of taste may vary as to what tree the sap is collected from. There are dwarf trees ( 5 yrs) as opposed to the 10 yr tree that are being planted in the Phillipines to sustain the demanding production for the sugars. We have found this product in various health food stores, Fresh and Easy and Whole Foods.

Bettye Cart


I must not fear. Fear is the mind killer. Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. and when it has gone past, I will turn the inner eye to see it's path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.

                                                    - Frank Herbert, Dune.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Magic Pill


Everyone is looking for a magic pill. Quick fix for the lengthy wretchedness of body and mind. Our medical module has set the precedent and to unchange that thinking takes education and introspection. Do we really believe we can undo damage to the physical body at the snap of a finger? You would be surprised how many mature, scholared patients have told us that. Their lives are too busy to worry about their health unless it goes to the edge. Diagnosed disease begins decades before it appears. All symptoms lie dormant in wait and if a symptom appears, already damage has begun.

Going back to early civilizations, people learned the mechanisms of health through nature. As they journeyed from one location to another, they would either carry the herbs and plants or know how to identify and find them. In our practice, we have the pioneers who did that in the last century and created the purest possible vitalized product to target the pernicious toxin, counteract, amend, de-toxify gently, build and restore tissue and cells. These vanguards revered the notion that all life begins at the DNA level.

We were meant to be whole, healthy, integral. We were not programmed for suffering. Our consciousness from the quantum fields protects and loves and guides us to better ways. We made an intrinsic promise to God and Universe to be the better person, be the caretaker of self and planet. Yet, we are embedded into a world of danger and intolerance with chemicals, toxins, GMO foods, metals, leeching plastics, tainted waters, polluted air and we have this idea that if we continue our disserviceable careless lifestyle, we can armor ourselves against all of that. If we are coupling the physical with a belief that we are a product of our environment, that we can do no wrong, that our bodies are like garbage disposals and will filter out the harmful, we are sadly mistaken.

We have discovered that more and more children, teens and young adults are carrying diseases we used to see in grown adults who lived many decades. Their immune systems are under fire.

We always believed that plants, herbs and remedies were here to serve humankind in its purest form. It doesn't have to be advertised on television or in a magazine to be validated or approved. It doesn't have to cost more money than we make. It doesn't have to be part of a pyramid scheme. Nature is a tool and if used correctly and with reverence guided by the hand of the wisdom of a practitioner, it becomes fifty percent of the healing process. What is the other fifty percent?
You and your beliefs.

Bettye Cart

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

DNA Is Not Your Destiny

Many people are developing chronic health conditions that may not respond well to available medical and alternative treatments. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know that you could avoid chronic disease and stay well? Let’s start by exploring some of the causes of disease and how deep the problem can go.

Your body’s reaction to injury, infections or toxic insults can cause inflammation, an amazing normal response for defending and healing itself. Inflammation can cause pain, swelling, redness, heat and loss of function. It can create the same effects inside of your body, without your awareness – or it may just signal by expressing vague symptoms. It’s important to understand that acute inflammation can be life saving, without which wounds and infections would never heal. On the other hand, chronic inflammation can be the cause of many degenerative diseases and even significantly speed up the aging process. What you don’t know can hurt you!

A crucial part of the battle takes place at the level of the cell, particularly at the DNA-memory level, which dictates how cells will functionally express and how the future body will be re-engineered. Your body is constantly renewing its cells, each of which has a limited lifespan. The face you see in the mirror today is not the same face a year or two from now.

What can you do about it? Did you know that certain whole foods influence DNA expression? That is, these food sources can support healing by restoring the integrity of cellular function. The result is a healthy body that is resistant to disease.

Because the public has been given so much misinformation about health, we are sicker than ever, living in bodies ravaged by time and lack of answers.

Some of the causes of acute inflammation and disease include the following, which will be discussed in future blog entries:

·        Nutritional deficiencies caused by poor food choices

·        Exposure to toxic chemicals and heavy metals

·        Some synthetic vitamins and medications

·        Stress

You are in control of your health. It’s up to you. Learn what it takes to attain optimum health, because it will affect everything else in your life.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

What's the Story About Gluten Sensitivity?

Gluten is a protein found in many grains (wheat, barley rye, etc.). It gives elasticity to bread dough, allows it to rise more and lends a more chewy consistency to the final product. But, many people do not know that eating certain foods to which they are sensitive or intolerant can create food addictions, allergies and a suppressed immune system function. Examples include celiac disease, dermatitis (rashes), muscle imbalance, asthma, fatigue, hives, intestinal bloating and pain, diarrhea, leaky gut syndrome, headaches/migraines, ADD, hyperactivity, chronic joint pain and Nutritional Deficiencies.

In addition grains have other proteins called lectins, which are excitotoxins and neurotoxins that can create severe consequences (nerve cell damage!) in sensitive individuals. To make matters worse, food processing may add wheat to many products, such as ice cream, catsup, fruit dishes (enhances flavor and color), French fries, thickeners (for sauces), and not to mention contamination from machines that process other foods. So you see, it’s almost impossible to avoid gluten grains.

Once the damage is done, avoiding these grains may not be enough. There are ways to evaluate body functions and support the healing of damaged organs, using Nutrition Response Testing. A sound digestive system is a requirement for health.

Grains containing gluten: Wheat, barley, rye, oats (gluten-free available*), durum, emmer, kamut, spelt, einkorn, farro, bulgur and semolina. If on the ingredient label it says flour, it is wheat flour.

Gluten-free grains: Amaranth, corn, rice, oats (e.g., *Bob’s Red Mill flours), quinoa, sorghum, buckwheat, millet and teff.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Where is your Spark?

They say that the male is the warrior spirit and the female is the flame that surrounds the warrior. Anyway you view it, the woman's power is always behind the emperor's throne.

When my husband and I met I knew he was destined for being involved in great things. Larry Cart started out in the dental labs designing extraordinary objects out of gold, then he met me, Bettye Cart and we designed the next chapter in the medical arena. It seemed plausible. I was the intensive critical care nurse, he became the medical student. After 3 1/2 years studying medicine in two languages traveling to two countries, something shifted. His nature of healing expanded to realms not discussed in the allopathic world. Larry Cart was tapped on the head and a new paradigm was created. Coincidentally, I began my journey in holistic thinking when I read Dr. Dolores Kreiger's book in 1970 regarding Laying on of Hands. She was able to measure changes in the body with energetic healing. Because I was enamored with the very idea of it, I went on to study that aspect of healing and actually spoke at schools of nursing on the subject. It opened up doorways that defined my mission in life. Oddly, the whole concept of Chiropractic came to me in a dream. I had no prior information on this health technique. What followed is history. For the next 30 years, Dr. Larry traveled the country in search of every non-invasive healing approach that worked with the consciousness of the mind. Every technique he applied brought forth unimaginable changes in the bodies of desperately ill patients. But it still was not enough. He wanted to know about cellular response to toxicities and how we all can undo the damage. The story unfolds . . . .

It all begins with the center of all understanding in this 3 D flesh. It begins with belief and belief systems. We have to go back to the idea that everything in existence is defined by vibrational frequencies of consciousness- light, sound, color, all physical phenomena both living and inanimate.

Science says the Universe is matter possessing consciousness but the truth is The Universe is Consciousness which has taken on the appearance of matter as a RESULT of a DESCENT into lower frequencies of the vibration of consciousness.

It's not that simple, and doesn't have to be complex either but all that information is stored in our DNA's. If we can follow the yellow brick road to that point of Source, we can enjoy more of the benefits of knowing how God creates and how the Universe is part of us. We are mini Universes in the way we are designed. When we let our belief systems separate us from that information, we bring in illness in all forms. We forget who we are, why we were created. We forget our spark.

In illness, the normal frequency of vibrations of a physical organ have been REDUCED and the LIFE within the organ has been depleted. In the following posts, you will read articles that relate to this depletion and ways to connect with your body and feed it what it needs to survive in this density.

Why so much hype about the DNA? I remember hating to study about the DNA in college, so boring, so much memorizing, so I naturally failed the course. But time has it's own agenda and it took years and a new kind of interest for me to put a different perspective on its function.

The DNA is a receiver/transmitter/amplifier that uses our consciousness to heal ourselves. It also can be aligned to the matrix of infinite consciousness. We, our thoughts, send the instructions and WE can re-write the program. That gives a whole different meaning to "nothing is written in stone."

We get ill because our programmed DNA tells us to BELIEVE we can get ill. Those programs can go back in time long before we were born in this life. It can travel through the generations. Belief is a very powerful medicine.

And here is a wonder. We see with our brain, not with our eyes. This has been measured with out of body experiences. The BELIEF that we see with our eyes has been a program of the DNA. How many other programs are there that do not serve us?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Short Introduction to Nutrition Cognition

Hello Seekers of Perfect Health!
We designed this blog to bring to the masses information that will elevate thinking and bring hope, thus the term, hope for health. Larry Cart will never bring attention to himself. His goal is set before him to speak eloquently to his listeners, teach and inspire and always bring them back to the basics of their spiritual framework. Scientists with open minds have said, we are of stardust and we live among the stars. We forget our electromagnetic structure feeds our flesh and blood. We forget our consciousness. We are so entrenched in our separateness from who we really are and sometimes it is necessary for the body to speak out in volumes with ill health. Then there are those dedicated ones, like Larry Cart who come in to remind us of who we are, how we must live, what we must do to maintain. Let's make health a priority and begin our education today.

Hope for Health

We join spokes together in a wheel, but it is the center hole that makes the wagon move.